Double Locks, Exeter

Last Saturday, our new & final housemate arrived in Exeter. She’s new to the city, and so we gave her something of an initiation of fire: approximately two hours after she got here, we took her next door to a housewarming party, and bright and early on Sunday morning, we all faced the sheer madness that is the Freshers Fair. Freebies were rinsed, tie-dye t-shirts were bought, but after a couple of hours it all got too much and we retired.

In order to recover a little bit, we decided to head to Double Locks. As you may know, Double Locks is an absolute student must-do, and one that I had somehow failed to do during the entirety of my undergrad career (despite its presence on every bucket list I’ve ever written since September 2010). So with Tasmin, and Mae’s friend Caroline in tow, we decided it was the perfect excuse to finally make a visit.

Double Locks is situated right on the canal – hence the name. It is walkable from Exe itself, but we decided to drive half the way and walk the rest. As can be expected, it was absurdly picturesque.






Eventually, the famed pub came into view.




It wasn’t exactly sunny, but it was definitely warm enough to sit outside, so we pounced on a table right by the waterfront. We were actually so close to the water that we were a bit worried that Mae or Sophie might fall in altogether, but it was all worth it when we got front-row seats to a doggy swimming race.



Feeling sickeningly wholesome, we anguished for ages over the menu. In the end, most of the girls went for the full on roast – it was a Sunday, after all. Here’s the vegetarian version, which came with some sort of beetroot-vegetable combination in place of meat.


Uncharacteristically, I came over all Northern (must be Mae’s influence) and went for the steak and ale pie. When it came, I was VERY pleased to see that it came with basically the same vegetables as the roast, and also that the pie was flower-shaped. Good decision all round.


Aside from the swede, which I enthusiastically dug into before remembering I don’t like swede at all, everything was delicious: the potatoes were cooked with rosemary which I always love, and the pie was full of massive pieces of actual steak. At about £9 (the menu has either changed since we went or there is a different version online that doesn’t include the pie), it was seriously good value. We were all decidedly full afterwards – definitely in need of the long(ish) walk back to the car!

I’m so glad I finally got the chance to go to Double Locks, and on a day when we could make full use of the gorgeous outdoor area – although the inside, which I checked out on a bathroom trip, is all draped in fairy lights and will undoubtedly be super cosy during the winter months. I’m already looking forward to wrapping up all warm and heading down there again in the cold!


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