Lush Exeter Blogger Event

As I have been promising for weeks, this Saturday brought the hugely exciting Exeter Blogger’s Meetup, organised by the fabulous Jess and held in conjunction with Exeter’s branch of Lush. As you can imagine, I was VERY excited for this – I knew that there were lots of bloggers in and around Exeter, including a few of my very favourite blogs, and so I couldn’t wait to meet them.

Pre-meetup, a few of us met for dinner at the Cosy Club, one of my favourite dining destinations. I arrived at basically the same time as Francesca (of f.s.h.t), whose blog I have been reading for ages and who is just as gorgeous & hilarious in real life as she seems on her blog! While we waited for the others, we immediately got stuck into a ridiculously enormous pitcher of Old Colonial Iced Tea, a vodka/gin/Cointreau/Earl Grey combination that went down very nicely.



Before long the other girls (Jess, Aimee, Alice and Ellie) all arrived, and we headed to our table. Cosy Club have updated their menu for winter and we all perused it for absolutely ages. Eventually, I decided on the peri peri chicken burger, while most of the others went for various combinations of tapas (which, having sampled this summer, I can highly recommend)



Aside from getting the chance to meet so many new girls (I am living a seriously boy-heavy life this year), one of the best things about being surrounded by other bloggers was the freedom to shamelessly take as many pictures as we all liked! Here’s Ellie‘s delicious-looking mussels being subjected to a photoshoot:


It was so nice to chat about blogging techniques, photos and everything else with all the girls, who were all absolutely lovely. We all found it slightly weird that we were all essentially meeting up with strangers from the internet, but in this case it worked out perfectly!

With dinner over, we marched, girlband-stylie, to Lush itself. On the way we couldn’t resist stopping to take yet more photos – Cathedral Green is looking so good at the minute!



The lovely staff at Lush were all ready and waiting for us, and can I just say that they really went above and beyond with the night! They had scented name labels all ready and waiting with both our names and our blog’s names on them, and were even poised with a variety of soft drinks for us – such a nice touch!



Throughout the evening, we were basically let loose on the store, with product demos and samples galore. Basically everything in Lush looks good enough to eat and photographs like a dream, which means that my iPhoto is currently full to bursting with pictures of soap. I was particularly taken by the seasonal Halloween/autumnal offerings.



That Soot Ball is basically the cutest bath bomb I’ve ever seen. We were shown how he works – initially it makes the water all black, but there’s gold in there too that transforms it to a gorgeous sparkly colour! It also smells seriously good.


One of my favourite parts was watching Francesca get to make her very own “Angels on Bare Skin,” a facial cleanser. She took to it like an absolute pro and used all the requisite showmanship so that we could all get the perfect picture.





Another of my highlights was the colour read. Back in May, me and my housemates bought Kate one of these colour pots as part of her birthday present. However, what I didn’t realise is that there is actually a very elaborate science behind what colours you are drawn to. Each one represents a kind of emotion, and so we were all tested to see what our choices revealed about us.



I picked the following. Supposedly, the first colour you pick reveals the way you feel right at that moment (apparently I was feeling calm and in my element – fair); the second reveals something you are seeking (motivation – DEFINITELY); and the third is the quality that sums you up as a whole. I’ll take it!


The rest of the evening passed in a blur of massages, photos, Christmas-product-reveals (SO exciting) and duck crafting.







All too soon, though, the evening had to come to an end. We were given a very generous goodie bag containing a fresh facemask, a tub of Francesca’s very own Angels on Bare Skin (which I have since used twice and can confirm it is a dream!), and a little sample of Rose Jam shower gel – again, I have since sampled and it smells delicious.



All in all, I had SUCH a good night and it was so nice to meet so many lovely fellow bloggers (I will try and put links to everyone’s in at some point)! A massive, massive thanks go to to both Jess for organising and the team at Lush for making sure we were treated like celebrities for the evening. We are already planning more Exeter blogging events, so watch this space and if you want to be involved, keep your eye out on twitter and the likes!



8 thoughts on “Lush Exeter Blogger Event

  1. What a wonderful evening, it really looks like the folks at LUSH pulled out all the stops for you lovely ladies :)
    Also, the Cosy Club looks such a brill eccentric place to grab a bite to eat – I wish we had more things like this over in Brum
    x x x

  2. I couldn’t make it and I’m gutted! Anyway I’ll be at the next bloggers meet which is why I’m stopping by to say hi! And now following on bloglovin!

  3. I’ve just stared university at Exeter and my blog (, so exciting that there’s a blogging community here! Loved reading your posts, I’ve just followed you. Really inspires me to take more photos…maybe when I have a less tragic phone haha x

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