Scents of Autumn

These past few weeks have been amongst the busiest I’ve ever had. I’ve barely sat still for ten minutes, so apologies for the slightly inconsistent posting!

One of the reasons I’ve been so busy is that I’ve just started a new job in a department store in order to fund my studies/Waitrose-and-cocktails habit. This has its perks, however: namely, being in the beauty department, I have been seriously developing my love of perfumes. With ample chance to sample the best of the best, I’ve come up with some new favourites and even some potential replacements for my beloved Chance by Chanel. Here’s what perfumes I’m loving this season (and which would make great Christmas gifts!)

Acqua di Parma – Fico di Amalfi

I have developed an unapologetic love for Acqua Di Parma and have spent much of the last few days hovering around there, discussing their merits with customers. For the most part, A D P fragrances are very male or very female, but their “Blu Mediterraneo” line is entirely unisex, which I personally think is a great idea. Each one is based on a different Mediterranean scent – orange, Bergamot, and so on – and my favourite, the Fico di Amalfi, is fig. It is delicious. It will set you back a fair bit pricewise, but on the flip side, the scent lasts for ages!

Thierry Mugler – Womanity

Thierry Mugler are known for distinctive, strong scents – Angel is a total love/hate – and this is no different. It was designed as a celebration of “feminine power” and it’s quite, but not too sweet. It is a bit polarising – like Angel, some can’t stand it, and I have to say I wasn’t entirely sold when I first sprayed it. After it had settled, though, I couldn’t stop going back for more. Like Fico, this also has hints of fig in it – which maybe explains why I like it!

Cartier – Baiser Volé

I was initially drawn to this one for the bottle, which is simple and classic and sleek, but the scent holds up just as well. It’s very light and floral – it actually aims to imitate almost exactly the smell of a lily, but with more vanilla to soften it a little. I’ve never really considered Cartier fragrances before (although obviously I’d sell my soul for a watch) but I’m definitely going to test out the others next week!

Paco Rabanne – Black XS For Him

One for the boys. I actually find the Paco Rabanne bottles a bit tacky (why is there a skull on a little keychain?!) but I have found that I physically can’t walk past Black XS without picking it up for a sniff.

Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb and Spicebomb

Old classics, but you seriously can’t go wrong with Viktor & Rolf. My only hesitation is that so many girls wear Flowerbomb – but there is definitely a reason for that! As far as the men’s version goes, Spicebomb is spicy in the nicest way – so often spicy fragrances smell like old men but V&R have got it absolutely right. It’s just warm enough for the winter months!

Obviously, there are TONS more fragrances (as I know all too well after the last week!). I’ve always wanted to have a really distinctive signature scent…maybe one of these will do the job!

PS. As you may have noticed, I gave the blog a total overhaul and I have to say I love it – what do you think?


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