Ruby, Exeter

Rory and I felt we deserved a bit of a treat this weekend so we headed to Queen Street, which is home to many of my favourite restaurants in Exeter. This time, we were Ruby-bound. This was my third visit and his first, and I actually think I already wrote about it on here way back when it first opened, but that was ages ago and now I have a much nicer camera.

They were really, really busy when we got there, but the hostess took my mobile number and told us she’d text me when our table was ready. Twenty minutes later, and we sat down. Ruby calls itself a “modern diner” and the interior is very retro-Americana-with-a-21st-century-edge.



We were sharing our table with another couple, Wagamama style, and when I saw their milkshakes I could not resist going for something more exciting than my usual water. When I saw a root beer float on the menu, I was sold – total guilty pleasure! – and Rory went for a strawberry milkshake.



And then we turned our attention to the menu. Burgers make up the majority of the menu, but they have a good selection of other stuff – last time, I tried the salt beef bagel and it was delicious.


As I am on a lifelong quest for the best pulled pork in the world, I figured I’d try Ruby’s version.


It wasn’t bad at all – the actual pork was maybe a little dry and could have had more BBQ sauce involved, but the coleslaw on top more than made up for it. Usually I hate coleslaw but this was more vinegar-y than creamy, just how I like it, and complemented the meat perfectly.

Rory went for the “Piggy,” which is a burger with pulled pork on top, and we also ordered “proper chips.”


I’ve had the chips before and they were great but this time they were distinctly greasy, which was a shame. Rory polished them off no bother though.

I may have been to Ruby 3 times since it opened (and with consistently good/relatively cheap food I will no doubt be returning) but I have yet to try the breakfast menu, which I am absolutely DYING to do! I have also heard and read great things about the waffles, so a “dessert only” trip may also be in the pipeline…

PS: I just realised this is my 100th post! Of course it would consist of pulled pork, eating out and gratuitous milkshake pictures!


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