looking forward

I know I missed the rush of “it’s autumn!” posts, but honestly I feel like October never even really happened, I was so busy!  However, today is the most gorgeous autumnal day in Exeter, all blue skies and crunchy leaves and not actually really that cold, so I’ve been indulging myself with some virtual-window-shopping. Here’s what I’m most looking forward to this fall/winter!

Advent Calendars

I maintain that you are never too old for a tiny bit of chocolate on a December morning. I have tried many an advent calendar but I maintain that the standard Cadburys ones are the best!

New Jumpers

I am all about the star elbow patches on this Asos number and I LOVE that blue! Seriously though, I’m a huge fan of jumpers. I have a couple of staple ones that I love and I just got a new William & Mary sweatshirt that is just about the cosiest thing ever but the collection is never big enough!

Scented Candles

I absolutely love lighting a scented candle and curling up with whichever book I’m supposed to be reading that week – especially if it’s raining outside! It’s just not the same in the summery months, so I can’t wait to get my hands on some Christmas-sy scented candles.

Love Actually

One of my favourite films of all time. Keira Knightley at her most gorgeous, Hugh Grant dancing around 10 Downing Street and of course, that singalong at the end…what’s not to love?

Wintery Nail Polish

We have this Ciaté advent calendar on display at work and it’s like actual torture, I want it so much! Otherwise, though, I’m going to indulge in some sparkly winter-y shades because right now I basically have pastels and nothing else!

Mince Pies

I LOVE mince pies. Like seriously love them. I’m not sure when it’s socially acceptable to start eating them…but I hope it’s soon!

Okay, so maybe this post turned out to be more Christmas-themed than I anticipated. What are you guys looking forward to this autumn?


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