baby you’re a firework

Okay, I’m not that big on Halloween – in fact this year it all but passed me by completely – but when it comes to firework night, I’m a whole different story. I love it. I love dressing up really warmly and going out into the freezing cold, or at least, I like the idea of doing that.

This year actually ended up being the first time I’ve ever gone to an actual firework night event in Exeter. I was far too scared to attempt the madness that is the burning tar barrels at Ottery St Mary – google it – so last night, Rory, Mae, Tas and I headed to the much more family-friendly Westpoint Arena for some good old fashioned firework fun.

We had inadvertently all dressed to the same colour scheme, which obviously called for some group photos. Unfortunately my camera decided not to work, but luckily Tas had her cool polaroid thing on hand and of course we all had our trusty phones.




There was just time to grab the all-important hot dog (my priority) before the fireworks began. They were set to a seriously good soundtrack that included Katy Perry (obviously) and a James Bond medley that lasted a good three minutes – my kinda show!





Fireworks done, we grabbed candy floss (for Mae and Tas) and doughnuts for Rory and me – the smell was just tooooo much to resist – and headed home feeling very much like very satisfied very cold little children. Until next year, bonfire night!


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