Life Lately

This week has been another busy one and filled with lots of little trips out and about, so here’s a little mishmash of what I’ve been up to. Apologies for the bad photos, most of these are off my iPhone!

I saw an offer on Facebook for a free student screening of Don Jon and snapped up tickets for me and Tas. Pre-cinema, we went on a spontaneous Yo Sushi date – since the cinema was free, it was okay to spend the ticket money on food, right?


I thought Don Jon, by the way, was excellent. Both Joseph Gordon Levitt and Scarlet Johansson were so good and it was really really funny in a totally different way to most other “bro comedies” (Judd Apatow I’m looking at you). It is seriously explicit though!

I’ve actually been a pretty regular cinema-goer lately – a couple of weeks ago, Tas and I also went to see Captain Phillips which I thought was amazing. I usually can’t sit through a whole movie but this one was over 2 hours long and I didn’t get bored once which shows how compelling it is. Seriously emotional stuff!

Thursday evening saw a festive little trip into town with Tas and Mae after my afternoon seminar. I was walking in just as the sun was starting to go down and Exeter was looking particularly lovely.


I bought a new scarf from Primark men’s department that I might actually be in love with – it was just supposed to be a stopgap but I like it so much I’ve pretty much not taken it off since! Tas had never experienced the joys of Boston Tea Party so we made a requisite stop in there for the best chai latte I’ve ever had and an absolutely delicious sticky toffee pudding cake that I could not resist eating while I waited for my drink to be made.


We also paid a little visit to John Lewis (I feel like every post I write I mention John Lewis at the minute!), where they have just installed an adorable Bear & Hare display/photo opportunity. We may be slightly too tall to properly partake but we tried all the same!


On Friday it was Rory’s birthday and as he’d never been to Cosy Club we went there to celebrate. I can’t justify yet another entire blog post about the place so I didn’t photograph much but I had the biggest burger I’ve ever seen, with extra bacon – embarrassingly the waiter assumed it was Rory’s. It was delicious though so I have no shame! Birthday boy himself went for the more wholesome option of the fish pie.


Cosy Club have actually just updated their cocktail menu to reflect the winter season so we tried out (an entire pitcher of) the “Spiced Winter Elixir,” which combines apple vodka (my favourite), spiced rum, Chambord and ginger ale, and is seriously good. It also has lemon and honey in it so practically medicinal, right? As it was a Friday night the place was absolutely packed and super buzzy which was really nice to see.


Yesterday I went to the Southwest Bloggers Meet, which I’m going to do a whole post about very soon. I always love meeting new bloggers and we got a seriously generous goodie bag which I can’t wait to play with!


Finally, I’m on the lookout for a new pair of boots but I can’t decide at all whether I want ankle or long ones or if I want brown or black…a shopping trip may be in order!


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