Southwest Bloggers Meet

So as I said in my last post, on Saturday I headed down to Gandy Street for the Southwest Bloggers Meet, organised by the fabulous Liza and Kerry.



I knew it was mostly beauty bloggers going so I was a little bit out of my depth but I needn’t have worried, everybody was so lovely! There were about 50 girls there so it was a really great turn out; some girls (Nicole & Becky) had come all the way from Plymouth or Bristol which was a great effort. There were also a fair few fellow students there, including Albertine and Sophie, who actually does the exact same MA course as me – small world! I had a lovely time mingling with everybody and chatting about blogging habits, Christmas wishlists and so on and so on.


The lovely girls of Lush had come too, to show off more of their Christmas gift ideas. I was treated to a hand and arm massage using the Snow Fairy massage bar which left my arms smelling delicious (and very slightly sparkly – always a good thing)



The girls had also put together one hell of a raffle with some fab prizes, and as we left we were treated to an absolutely jam-packed goody bag which Tas and I had a great time delving through when I got home! I’ve never done a beauty post but I might do a little round up of the products I’ve used and liked at some point, if I’m feeling brave enough…


Just as we were leaving there was time for a last group shot of everybody together. Image credit for this one goes to Kerry herself.

As always, big thank you to Liza and Kerry for organising – it’s always so lovely to meet other bloggers and compare how everybody does things, and I am loving how many events there are going on in the SW right now!


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