One of the best parts about having spent a year in the States is the fact that I feel completely entitled to partake in the most American of holidays: Thanksgiving. Last year we hosted an epic 22-person feast but this  year our well-laid plans and promises to always, always reunite for Thanksgiving did not materialise. Nevertheless, Mae, Tas and I took matters into our own hands and threw together a typically adhoc celebration.

The morning began, as all not-so-National holidays should, with a trip into town for Tas and I. We were on a festive jumper hunt, but we were sidetracked en route by Urban Outfitters, who were offering not only 20% off everything, but also free Christmas tattoos. Obviously, we couldn’t resist. As well as a snowflake on my wrist, I am currently sporting this beauty on my left arm.


Isn’t it beautiful? We were so excited by the whole affair that the girl let us take a sheet each home with us. Christmas themed tattoos: a perfect addition to any Thanksgiving dinner.


Anyway, then it was time to turn our attentions to the meal itself. I’d issued invitations to some of our best first year boys but they’d been characteristically last minute, and so we set off for Sainsbury’s with no idea a) what we were actually buying or b) how many people we were actually cooking for. Things worked out mostly for the best though. After an emergency trip to Waitrose for pumpkin pie ingredients (which was mostly a fail), we returned home with bags laden with as many Thanksgiving-y goodies as we could find and got busy in the kitchen.



It was a bit of a crazy rush to get everything ready in time, what with our absurdly small oven and absurdly large amount of ingredients. We improvised though, and with the help of George Foreman and some excellent team work, everything came together pretty nicely. We laid out nibbles and set the table ready for our feast.



Eventually the boys arrived, and we were reunited with our lovely neighbours Josh and Ryan and our long lost friend Alex, who was nominated to cut the “turkey” (it was chicken).


And finally, dinner was served! On the menu: chicken, broccoli, asparagus, pigs in blankets, potatoes, parsnips, sweet potato, cornbread (topic of much confusion around the table), cranberry sauce and stuffing, as well as some sort of vegetarian delight for resident veggies Mae and Tas and, of course, plenty of wine. I think the boys were duly impressed!



Tas wanted it documented that she used a spoon in place of a fork due to a severe cutlery shortage.


And then we came to dessert. Remember that pumpkin pie I mentioned earlier? Well, it turned out to be the biggest fail I have ever known. I have no idea what happened – although we have since discovered that Tas put cumin in it in place of cinnamon which won’t have helped – but it just did not work and we were left with an anaemic, pumpkin-y mess. Undeterred, we served Tesco value ice cream and Cadbury’s Festive Friends for dessert, off paper plates, naturally.

In amongst some rounds of my fave game, Revelations, we turned our attention to tattoos.


I had grand ambitions to take lots of wholesome Thanksgiving pictures, but completely failed. Instead, Mae, Josh and I showed off our new ink.


Overall, we declared Thanksgiving a HUGE success! It was so so nice to have everyone together: like I said, the boys and Mae were amongst my best friends in first year and so it was especially lovely that it was all so easy and everyone had such a lovely time. This year, I’m thankful for American traditions that I can bring home & for the gorgeous, ever-obliging friends that will indulge me in them!

Thanksgiving celebrations aside, it’s been a pretty horrendous week and so this weekend I’ve taken a brief but perfectly timed trip back home for a couple of days. I’ve been getting acquainted with the latest addition to my household, THE most gorgeous cocker spaniel puppy, so get ready for lots and lots of puppy pictures in the next couple of days!


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