Winter Walks

As I said, this weekend  I took the much-needed opportunity to escape home for the weekend. There were several reasons for this: one, my job means I won’t get much time at home over Christmas; two, I haven’t seen my brother looking like a human and not a meccano man since June; and three, there is a criminally adorable new puppy, Jimmy, in the house.


After getting in late on Friday night, I was up bright and early on Saturday and ready to embark on a wholesome family dog walk. We headed to Fineshade Woods and spent the afternoon wandering about in the woods. I love how having a dog automatically makes you so many new friends – it’s like an unofficial dog-walkers union. Jimmy was in his element and it was nice to get out in some fresh air other than the mean streets of Exeter.













Obviously, the end of the walk meant a trip to the cafe for a warming drink. I was expecting your standard tea/coffee/hot chocolate offerings but I was very pleasantly surprised to find not only an extensive hot drink menu but an even longer speciality winter drink menu! After lots of deliberation, I went for a mint hot chocolate that came with marshmallows and an after eight, and my sister and I split a treacle-toffee-apple muffin that was absolutely divine. I was one very happy girl!





That night we returned to an old favourite, The Pheasant in Keyston, for dinner. I’ve already blogged about it in the summer, but am happy to say it was just as good: this time I had venison with crushed lemon potatoes, red cabbage, spinach and glazed apples and it was so delicious. The pub itself was all decked out for Christmas and looked even better than the summer.


We were also able to get the first picture of all three of us together since my brother’s halo came off – a momentous occasion in itself.


I don’t often get to visit home but it’s always nice to be reunited with the little sibs and take advantage of mum & dad’s well stocked cupboards! I was most delighted to discover “Christmas jam,” a gorgeous little mix of berries, rum and spices all in one jam that should DEFINITELY be a necessity for the holiday period. But for now it’s back to Exeter for the last couple of weeks of term and the two terrifyingly long essays that await…


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