The Christmas Tag

It’s my blog’s 1st birthday, everybody! Yay! I can’t actually believe how fast the year has gone – it seems like only a couple of months ago I was going to the Christmas market with my housemates and having Christmas dinner at Bill’s and now it’s all come around again! I’m so glad I’ve kept this little blog up all year though, purely because it’s so nice to be able to look back and see how much fun I’ve had over the last year. It’s also grown more than I ever thought and I’ve already done some fab things and met some even more fab people through it, which I never thought would happen and is a total but perfect bonus!

I thought about doing a round up of the year to mark the occasion but I think I’ll save that for closer to NYE itself – there is still lots of time for fun! In the meantime, I decided instead to do the Christmas Tag, which I saw over on one of my very favourite blogs, fsht. So without further ado…

Favourite Christmas song?
Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams has to be my absolute favourite. I actually only discovered this about 5 years ago when I went to Disneyworld at the end of the holiday season – they played it everywhere! So it has very, very good memories attached to it and besides, it’s such a lovely Christmas tune! Special shout outs, though, have to go to Drummer Boy by Justin Bieber – I’ve finally perfected the lyrics to the rap part two years on – and Never Do A Tango With An Eskimo by Alma Cogan, which I discovered last year and which is hilarious. Got to love a Christmas song that offers a little vital life advice!

Favourite Festive Drink?
Apple cider, although I guess that’s more autumn-y (I actually wrote fall the first time – who am I?!). I can’t even tell you how pleased I am that it’s starting to become a thing over here – thanks, Costa! It’s so warming and wholesome. Also, I think I place Cava firmly in the festive drink category. I don’t think I’ve ever been known to turn down a glass of that come Christmastime.

Favourite Christmas film?
Love Actually! Love, love, love it. I also love the Grinch which I was rudely disallowed from watching while at home this past weekend – apparently it was still too early! It’s definitely a must-watch every year. I absolutely cannot get enough of the scene where the Grinch checks his diary, it is just too funny.

Top of your wishlist this year?
Do you know what, I have been really struggling to think of what I want for Christmas! Even my insatiable desire for bags seems to have calmed a little lately and I have accepted that maybe I do actually have enough – although saying that, I am in need of a new going-out bag or two! I’m also still after some riding-esque boots; I have a pinterest board full of them.

Favourite festive makeup look?
GLITTER!!! Seriously, I’m drawn to sparkly eyeshadows/eyeliners like a fashion-forward magpie. I have this fab gold eye crayon from Topshop that actually I bought in summer but it is perfect for the festive season.

Favourite Christmas outfit?
Ooh, tricky! Again, you can’t beat a bit of sparkle but this year I’m feeling the tartan (who isn’t?). This year I’m feeling my new Urban Outfitters tartan skirt, Primark super cosy tights (which is actually the thing I would like to thank the blogging world for the most – they have changed my life) and a snuggly jumper. Perfect outfit!

Play in the snow, or fireside with a cuppa?
Both! I’m a big advocate of wintery walks, as my last post indicates, and there’s nothing I like more than wrapping up super warm and heading out into the cold – especially if it’s snowed! But I am an English student through and through and so a good fire, a good book and a cup of tea (or maybe a Baileys hot chocolate…) suits me down to the ground as well.

That was fun! It reminds me of those bulletins you used to do on Myspace – remember them?!?! If you do it yourself please let me know in the comments, I’d love to read your answers!

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