Exeter has some great restaurants, but it doesn’t have many pop-ups. So I was very excited when I heard that Hubbox, a pop-up version of Hub in St Ives, was coming to Exeter for the month of December. After a couple weeks of incessantly stalking the twitter and website, it finally opened this weekend, and so last night my ever-obliging food buddy Rory and I headed down.

Hubbox can be found on the ever-so-slightly-dodgy Sidwell Street, and is unassuming from the outside, but inside it’s undeniably cool. It’s like Ruby, but way edgier.




I was very taken by the neon signs hanging from the ceiling.




Anyway. Food time! I’d already eyed up the full menu from the St Ives restaurant (which comes highly recommended by my ex-housemate Kate) but I’d figured the Exeter version would be much smaller. It is, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how many dishes they have on offer. Bonus points for having a burger named Bella!


It took me a good ten minutes to decide what I want, but eventually I went for the Hot Chick: fried chicken in a bun. You absolutely cannot beat fried chicken.


It was delicious – the batter on the chicken was perfectly crispy (it’s gross when it’s soggy). Also, shout out to the pickled cucumber. I’m usually not a fan of pickle but this was still crisp and cucumber-y enough that it was seriously good and nicely refreshing after my carb/salt/chicken fest.

Rory, of course, went for the enormous Big Kahuna, which contains two burgers and a healthy topping of pulled pork, as well as cheese, and onion rings on the side. 


He was suitably impressed.



Sides wise, we ordered a regular portion of fries and one of burnt end beans. We thought they’d given us two portions of fries when both our plates arrived with them on, but according to the bill it was just one monster portion split between the both of us – nice touch! We also ordered the burnt end beans, which were an absolute hit but impossible to photograph. There were enormous chunks of pulled pork in there which we had a lot of fun digging out.


See? Impossible to photograph.

Overall, I’d give Hubbox 10/10 and will definitely be returning if I can fit it in – I want a hot dog! All this came in at £10 each and we were left seriously full after, so it’s seriously good value, and the service is very easygoing and friendly as well. I really hope it does well because it deserves to!


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