Exeter Christmas Market

This year, I’ve been the most organised I’ve ever been and am happy to say that I already have 90% of my Christmas presents bought, wrapped, and sitting in my room ready to go. Trust me when I say this has NEVER happened before.

Anyway, my various shopping trips have invariably ended up with a little visit to the Christmas market, which is fast becoming my favourite place. I spent a very pleasant and productive morning there with Rory last week, a trip I liked so much I had to do it again the very next day with Mae, and so I’ve got a nice little collection of photos.


The Cathedral, which is always stunning and especially so now that the hoarding has finally come down, makes a seriously impressive backdrop for all the sparkly stalls.






I think this one might just be my all-time favourite photo:


Aside from looking pretty from afar, the Christmas market also boasts some fab stalls selling all kinds of things – furry headbands, jumpers, and delicious looking cakes are particularly in abundance.


I can never resist a picture of a hog roast, but when I went I bypassed the pig in favour of a venison elk burger which was so good it went entirely unphotographed. 


I took this one in honour of our beloved Pedro, who lived in our living room last year and was adorned in a number of festive outfits throughout the year.


Rory and I were particularly taken by Jimmy’s Coffee, who offer the widest range of coffee flavours I’ve ever found. We spent a very enjoyable ten minutes sniffing them all to determine which would be the nicest – they put even Costa’s seasonal offerings to shame!



Obviously I have not been able to resist the charms of the pick & mix stall…



I have no doubt that I’ll be making many a return trip to the Christmas market in the next couple of weeks – I still have a couple of presents to buy, after all – and if you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend it. There’s nothing like a Christmas market to get you in the festive spirit!



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