Beckworth Emporium

I wrote about Beckworth Emporium way back this summer, but on Saturday when we went there for lunch I just couldn’t resist photographing it again. This time of year it’s all decked out for Christmas, with an absolutely enormous tree.



After a brief wander around the aisles of the emporium (I can’t get enough of using that word), mum and I joined the queue for the restaurant, which was outrageously busy, and soon we were seated in the indoor section. While we waited for the others, we indulged in a bread & oils plate with the most delicious sundried tomato & lemon dip.


For actual lunch, my parents shared the afternoon tea, which has been updated slightly for Christmas and now includes an adorable little mince pie.


Dom had the daily special, a pulled pork sandwich that looked incredible. I would have had it myself, except Rory and I may have indulged in takeout pulled pork from Hubbox the night before… (and yes, it was absurdly good)


And I had a chicken and bacon salad – after the mulled wine/mince pie fest during the tree hunt, I was ready for something a little lighter! It was actually really filling though, with SO much chicken on there and a fab honey mustard dressing I substituted for the blue cheese one.


When we were done and feeling suitably full, there was just time to pick up a few things from the food emporium – including the best carrot cake in the entire world, made by Cook, which I have been hunting down since first year. Seriously, try it – it is INCREDIBLE.

On the way out we obviously couldn’t resist a little trip into the Christmas emporium either. Walls on walls on stacks on stacks of Christmas decorations – what’s not to love?!



Definitely a suitably festive way to spend the afternoon: with the Christmas tunes playing and ice skaters on the rink outside, I felt a lot like I was in a made for TV movie. I just love Christmastime!


2 thoughts on “Beckworth Emporium

  1. WOW that chicken salad looks epic! No shame on you at all for going for a lighter option after your pulled pork feast the night before!
    and YES! COOK desserts are the bomb, I remember always leaving the Brighton store with several trays worth of their chocolate brownies- you need to get your mitts on them x x x

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