Deck The Halls

Yet another Christmas-themed post for you today, kids! (I’m spending this week locked in the library – depressing – or working, so I’m dwelling heavily on the weekend!) After the afternoon-long mission that was picking out the ideal trees, our attentions were turned to decorating them.




We found these little guys, which we used to always hang our stockings from when we were younger (this actually only stopped probably 2 years ago, so not that much younger…)


Now that we are too old to throw any old decorations on the tree, we are subject to strict colour schemes – tree decorating, apparently, is a bit of an art. In the living room, we have all white and silver, and in the dining room, a bronze/gold/red theme going on.










I find Christmas trees are always best enjoyed with a glass of wine in hand.


Of course, the next afternoon us girls returned from a shopping trip to find my brother had made his own addition to the tree.


Makes a bit of a change from the average angel, doesn’t it?

With only 5 days to go till Christmas I can hardly believe I’m still in Exeter – I’m writing this from the more-or-less deserted library which is depressing to say the least. Still, I’m hoping to get the last little bits of Christmas shopping done this evening, and then starts five days of pretty much solid working (in retail, no less) until 2pm Christmas Eve…cross your fingers for me and my sanity/Christmas spirit!


3 thoughts on “Deck The Halls

  1. I love the fact that you have two christmas trees in your house! The more the merrier for sure :)
    And we’ve always been subject to strict colour themes *boo* I’m gonna totally mix it up when I get my own place
    x x x

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