Made In Devon

I’m all for supporting local independents & locally made products, and lucky for me Devon is an absolute haven for them. I haven’t even been trying particularly hard, but over the last year or so I have stumbled across some great companies and businesses based in and around Devon/the Southwest. Some of them are smaller than others so I thought I’d do a little rundown of my favourites!

Frandie Macaron

I first discovered this little gem at the Exeter Food & Drink Festival way back in April and fell in love pretty much immediately. They’re always popping up at various events around Devon, and just before Christmas I made a point of going to find them at the Castle Street Christmas Market. I was not disappointed. They had a whole range of seasonal flavours but my favourite was definitely the Turkish Delight. I’m usually not a huge fan of macarons since I feel like you have to eat a TON before you’re really satisfied, but these ones hit the spot perfectly. Also, the company are really, really friendly – I had a lovely little chat with the man at the Castle Street stall and it brightened up my day!


I mention my favourite little cake company ALL the time but it’s because I love it so much! Located just off Cathedral Green in Exeter, Cakeadoodledo now has its own shop where you can find an eclectic array of different cakes, as well as great sandwiches, tea, coffee, soup – you name it. Having sampled a fair few of their creations, both the custom-made cupcakes and the shop’s cake/coffee offerings, I feel I’m more than qualified to recommend Cakeadoodledo to anyone that lives near/is visiting the Exeter area!

Di Palomo

This is actually a brand I’d never heard of before I started my current part-time job, but they’re a fragrance/bath & body company based in Devon. They have 4 scent ranges, all inspired by Italy, and my favourite by far is the fig & grape: the hand & nail cream smells delicious. I reckon it gives Molton Brown a run for their money, at about a third of the price.

Mammal Swag

Exeter students are an entrepreneurial lot and one of my very favourite student companies is Mammal Swag, who have the greatest range of t-shirts bearing various well-dressed animals. This year as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I caved to the temptations of the “Posh Boy Fox” shirt and I love it!

Kenniford Farm Hog Roast

Bit of a strange option I know, but I got one of these hog roasts just before Christmas (actually the same day I bought the macarons – oopsy) and it was DIVINE but most importantly, the people running the stall were so lovely! As far as I’m concerned, hog roast is pretty much the best food in the entire world – you absolutely can’t go wrong.

Also, not quite so local – I believe they’re based in Bristol – but I just want to give a quick mention to Sticker Stack who I found via A Rosie Outlook earlier this week. I fell in love with 90% of the stuff on their website and ordered 2 of their notebooks for my modules this term, which were a bargain at £3 each. They arrived SUPER quickly in really cute packaging and I’m very happy with them – I’m pretty fussy about my line-width and these are just perfect! They ship all over the country and have some seriously cute stickers so check them out if you’re a bit of a stationery fiend!

Have you ever used any of these companies? What are your favourite local businesses (especially if you’re Exeter based)?


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