Exeter Quay

Spring has sprung! After weeks and weeks of hideous weather, the sun has been showing his face more and more in Exeter and I’ve been loving the novelty of not having to wear 64 layers to go outside. Yesterday, Tas and I – unwilling to join the gym, but also unwilling to become huge whales – decided to go for a bit of a walk and since it was sunny and even a bit warm, we headed straight to the Quay.

As I have said many a time, the Quay is one of my favourite parts of Exeter and it never looks better than in the sunshine. The swans were all enjoying it, too: there were hundreds of them out sunbathing!




Animal lover Tas was keen to make friends. I stayed well away.



We wandered about, soaking up the sights and plotting summer time adventures.



I’ve inherited a bit of a thing about harbours and boats from my dad, I love all the masts sticking up – I’d love to have a little boat to go out and sunbathe on!


Instead of my usual habit of succumbing to the temptation of Coffee Cellar or Mangos (which wasn’t open – tell me it hasn’t shut down?!) we walked further than I’ve gone before, right down to the Riverside Valley Park, and then all the way back home. Some nice gentle exercise in some nice gentle Spring weather – just what the doctor ordered!


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