Creme Egg – Oreo Brownies

This past Sunday, Tas and I found ourselves in a baking mood. We’ve been talking about baking creme egg brownies for ages (are you even a real blogger until you’ve made them?!), but after very little deliberation, we decided to go one step further and make half creme egg, half oreo brownies. YUM. So we made a quick dash to Waitrose for supplies, and set ourselves up in the kitchen. As usual, apologies for the awful yellow light…


We used this recipe (except with 3 creme eggs), but I think it’s a fairly standard brownie recipe. With no electric whisk or mixer to speak of, we did struggle a bit to obtain the “mousse-like” texture it wanted for the sugar and eggs, but we whisked until all our arms almost fell off and called it a day. Obviously, we allowed ourselves a good amount of spoon licking.


We half-filled the tin, and laid down some Oreos like so…


Then we covered them up with the second half of the mixture, and popped them in the oven. Now it was time for what we anticipated to be the hardest part: chopping our creme eggs in half. Luckily, Rory proved to be very skilled in this department.



After the brownies had been baking for 15 minutes, we pulled them out. It was at this point we realised we hadn’t marked or made any attempt to remember which side had the oreos encased, so we did our best to remember, and carefully pushed the creme egg halves into the top of the mixture.


Then we stuck them back in the oven for a final ten minutes, until at long last they were done, and prime for Instagramming.


However…confession time! Remember when we took the mostly-baked brownies out and added the Creme Eggs to the “other side”? Well, after I delved into an “Oreo” brownie and found remarkably little Oreo, we had to do some investigating. You guessed it: we’d accidentally laid the Creme Eggs on top of the Oreos. Luckily, the plain brownies still tasted absolutely divine, and the double decker side? They’re like the even sluttier older sister of blogger fave slutty brownies.


See the oreo just poking out there? I was dubious, but I can highly recommend this creme egg-brownie-oreo sandwich…just don’t even think about the calorie count!


3 thoughts on “Creme Egg – Oreo Brownies

  1. I’ve made creme egg brownies before but CREME EGG OREO BROWNIES?! Dear lord. They look good but I think I’d pass out after one!

    Thanks for your comment on my adventure post, by the way. I love love love the beach too! Fingers crossed for some sunshine soon.

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