Brunch & Bubbles

Champagne brunches & celebrating for no reason are two of my very favourite pastimes. On Friday, we decided to combine them both and throw an impromptu breakfast party in our living room.

Actually, the main reason we had to do this was that I bought a can of Jus-Roll croissant pastry on a whim a few weeks ago and then realised that I probably shouldn’t eat 6 croissants all to myself. They are literally the easiest thing in the world, by the way, and opening the can is possibly one of the most satisfying things ever. You just take them out, tear along the dotted line (but actually) and roll them up into neat little croissant shapes, then stick them in the oven for 15 minutes or so.


Green & Black’s was on offer in Waitrose, so naturally the obvious choice was to have chocolate-dipped strawberries. I LOVE chocolate that comes in a gold foil wrapping – it’s so old school and fun to unwrap, like Charlie Bucket. Plus there was a recipe for chocolate chip cookies on the inside, which I thought was adorable.


While the chocolate was melting and the croissants cooking, Mae got to work on poaching the eggs while Tas unwrapped the smoked salmon and toasted English muffins & teacakes and I chopped avocados.


By some miracle, everything came together pretty much exactly at the same time. I’d like to say this was down to skill, but actually it was mainly just luck.






I have never been known to celebrate anything (even your average Friday) without champagne, which was obviously the finishing & most important touch to our extravagant breakfast. Unfortunately, there was a little mishap in the opening which resulted in champagne going quite literally everywhere.


Undeterred, we cleaned up as best we could, made Bucks Fizz and got busy with the food while champagne dripped from the ceiling (an Exeter problem if ever I heard one). Everything was delicious.


When almost everything was finished, we sat around eating the remaining strawberries & melted chocolate and planning luxurious minibreaks to every corner of Europe. I’m pretty sure every Friday should start like this!


This weekend, I’m off to one of my favourite places on earth for the reunion to end all reunions so watch this space for some wholesome Cornish fun – and in the meantime, let me know if you host your own needlessly-extravagant brunch party!


7 thoughts on “Brunch & Bubbles

  1. Oooh this looks so tasty! I once tried the croissants and totally agree on opening the box ahahaha! Except mine didn’t turn out very well, I’m up for trying again thoughxx

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