The Beauty Edit: Spring Favourites

I deliberated calling this post “Confessions of a Reluctant Beauty Blogger,” because six months ago I would have laughed at the idea of me ever, ever writing about makeup. However, fast forward six months and a new job in, you guessed it, beauty, and now I’ve been well and truly sucked in. I can’t help but want to try my hand at a little beauty blogging, so here’s a little rundown of my current favourite products and go-tos.


Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation (in Honey)

I have tried other foundations and I’m a particular fan of Clarins’ offerings, but in the end I always come back to this. Honey is a pretty much PERFECT colour match for me during late autumn/winter/spring, and lucky for me the next shade up (“beige” – GREAT) is also pretty perfect when I’m tanned. It’s very light and liquid-y but easy to build to get more coverage, and it has SPF and lets your skin breaaatheeee.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

You’ve all heard the hype, best selling mascara in the UK blah blah blah but this stuff is seriously magical. I never really used to wear mascara ’cause my lashes are already fairly long & really dark but this makes them look INCREDIBLE, which is unfortunate because now I think I look bizarre without it on.



Bare Minerals Eye Colour: North Beach

I usually use darker colours on my eyes, but I’ve recently become obsessed with this eyeshadow. It’s a gorgeous nude/light pink-ish colour perfect for spring/summer days, and it is shimmery so it’s good for highlighting, too. It’s also nice and pigmented and lasts for ages, especially on top of a primer (I use Bare Minerals Prime Time in Pink Sugar, when I remember, although that is one glittery primer – I also have the Urban Decay Eye Potion). I’ve just looked on the website and sadly this shade doesn’t seem to be available anymore (booo) but I’d recommend Bare Minerals eye products on the basis of this one!


Clarins Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Pretty much the only negative about They’re Real is that it is stubborn and doesn’t like to come off easily – but it does leave great streaky black marks everywhere while you try. This Clarins stuff works like a dream at taking it off and it’s not oily or greasy or yucky at all. My little bottle is running out (negative: it is difficult to control how much comes out and I have often accidentally poured it everywhere) but I’ll definitely be repurchasing.




Ciate (Mini) Paint Pot in Ivory Queen

I have an absurdly large collection of nail varnish and I fall in love with a new shade every week, but I’ve never fallen as hard as this. It is pure gorgeousness, pale pink with a perfect rose-gold tone. I got this in my Ciate Advent Calendar (still the best sale purchase I have ever made) but it is also available by itself and I suggest that everybody buys it immediately.

Ciate Speed Coat Top Coat

On that note, I have been seriously impressed with Ciate’s top coat. It makes the polish last way longer, keeps things nice and shiny and, most importantly, dries it super fast. I am notoriously bad at sitting still and waiting for polish to dry so this has been an absolute life saver.


Elemis Maximum Moisture Day Cream

I really wish I hadn’t fallen in love with this cause it is NOT cheap but oh my God, it is gorgeous. It smells beaaautiful and it’s light and not at all greasy. I’m using it sparingly but this little tube has lasted me since Christmas and it’s not empty yet so a little does go a long way – maybe I can justify the price tag?

Moroccan Oil Light

Ages ago, my hairdresser recommended me the light version of this product. I reckon I could probably go with the regular/dark/heavy/whatever it’s called too – my hair is neither fine nor light – but regardless, this stuff is divine. I mostly like it for the smell, but it works perfectly to make the ends super soft and shiny. Again, I’ve had this little bottle since last Christmas and although I don’t use it every day, it has definitely proved itself to be more than good value!

Also not pictured but amongst my very favourite products are my bronzer, which is a Sephora own brand offering in the shade Bora Bora, and blusher, also a Sephora special in the shade Healthy Rose. I am pretty devastated that I’m not going to be able to pick up another one of either of these anytime soon (why why why are there no Sephoras in the UK?!), but they are both gorgeous and pretty cheap so if you are going to the US or continental Europe anytime soon, keep your eyes open!

I did just splash out on a couple of new bits so depending on how I get on with this beauty lark, I might pop a review of those up sometime soon – what do you reckon??


2 thoughts on “The Beauty Edit: Spring Favourites

  1. Ooooh yeahhh I do love a bit of Mare minerals AND beige nails is totally where it’s at this spring :)
    I keep hearing great things about Moroccan Oil so maybe I’ll finally get round to trying it out
    x x x

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