A Perfect Weekend

You know those days that just seem so ridiculously perfect, they can’t be true? Last weekend I had 2 of them, one right after the other.

As longtime readers of this blog will know, my uni friends and I have made it a bit of a tradition to go on yearly trips to Cornwall. This year, we started trying to plan this trip in early January, and this weekend was the first that we were all free, so it has been a long time coming and I have been dying with excitement quite literally all year. It lived up to ALL my expectations and more, so expect a photo-heavy post ahead!

A weekend that began with sangria and thai green curry as we awaited the arrival of Kate and Sophie only got better and better as it went on. We got up bright and early for a sunny roadtrip down to Fowey; we were greeted by three of our favourite boys, tea, and our very favourite view; we sat on the rocks on the beach and drank G&Ts and wine out of enamel cups; we made copious amounts of nachos, chilli, tarte tatin and brownie and ate them in long, leisurely courses punctuated by rowdy games of articulate and Disney trivia.

















We danced ridiculously on the furniture; we watched the boys play invented games on the pool table; we sang (questionably) and sent snapchats; we stargazed, and spotted Mars; we fell into bed around 3am. We got up to yet more gorgeous sunshine and tea on the balcony; we sat down to a perfect breakfast of toast, eggs and bacon; we set off on a walk along one of the most impossibly gorgeous pieces of coastline in the world; we ate chips at a beachside pub; we laughed and laughed and laughed; we sat on the very edge of a wall high above sea level and watched the water and wished we never had to leave.












In short, it was PERFECT. Absolutely perfect. I cannot tell you how many times throughout Sunday I told everyone how beautiful it was or how happy I was but it was just so so so so lovely. If you’ll allow me to get a bit soppy for a moment, I am SO LUCKY that the people that I was randomly thrown together with nearly 4 years ago have turned out to be some (almost all) of my very best friends.


Thanks go, as ever, to Will for allowing us free reign over his beaaautiful house and to all the gang for being the best there ever were.


6 thoughts on “A Perfect Weekend

  1. Bella this looks soo dreamy! I haven’t been able to get down to Cornwall this term and I am ever so jealous. Love the photo through the hole in the rock! What a wonderful weekend to choose aswell, that sky is unbelievable x

    1. It was so ridiculously beautiful, it was like being in the Med! Haha definitely make sure you pack as many weekends in as possible next term – I’m hoping we get loads of sun so it’s all beach all the time!


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