Spring Things

Now that Spring is finally here, my fingers are positively itching to buy new clothes. Divine intervention took hold last week when I walked into Gap and found one reduced pair of gorgeous distressed skinny jeans left in my size – a sign if ever I saw one – and since then all I can think about is updating my spring wardrobe. I’ve been pinning left right and centre and here are some of my favourites:

Spring Things

1. Blazer: Mango, £59.99; 2. Playsuit: Topshop, £29;  3. Skirt: Topshop, £35; 4. Flats: Modcloth, $39.99; 5. Clutch: New Look, £8.99 (currently sold out!); 6. Bag: New Look, £22.99; 7. Puma Trainers: Asos, £55; 8. Skirt: Topshop, £32.

What are your favourites? I’m dying for the yellow flats and the white blazer but I think the playsuit is most likely to be entering my wardrobe soon, it’s so perfectly summery. Like everyone else on the planet, I’m also obsessing over pastels right now, although I will definitely needing to get my tan on before I even think about either of those gorgeous skirts – not sure they’d look so cute next to my current state of pasty white leg!


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