The Highlight Reel Numero Dos

Hello! This week has been EXTREMELY busy and I’ve had the best few days ever – which has made it very difficult to come up with little things I’ve enjoyed! Here’s a snippet of what I’ve been up to, and expect some very exciting posts very soon!


– Steak sandwiches. Enough said.

– Seeing Russell Brand in glamorous Northampton. I was wary now that he’s all spiritual, but he was SO funny and that man oozes charisma like nothing else.

– Having free reign over my parents’ Tassimo machine. Costa caramel lattes? Yes please.

– Seeing my little sister in action as a waitress. She’s all grown up!

– JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE live and in concert. More to come on that particular dream come true!

– Being reunited with my favourite boy for country walks and GBBO reruns

– A girly day in Manchester spent drooling over Victoria Beckham’s clothing line and Tom Ford perfume

I hope all of you are having wonderful weeks too!


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