A Manchester Minibreak

Justin Timberlake has been top of my “people to see live” list for as long as I can remember. I have always said that I would pay any amount of money and trample over as many people as I had to in order to see him, so naturally when my sister informed me that she had booked tickets to see him I was basically beside myself with glee. And in the same week as Russell Brand? Dream. Come. True.

Anyway, the only slight hitch in the plan was that our tickets were for JT’s show in Manchester. Since driving two and a half hours (at best) home was basically out  of the question, my mum booked the three of us a room at the Renaissance Hotel Manchester. I thought this was a bit of a luxury perk at the time, but I was not prepared for just how gorgeous the hotel would be. Every single staff member we met was super friendly and really helpful, there were mini brownies, millionaire’s shortbread and Bakewell tarts awaiting us when we checked in, and the lobby is beautiful. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Manchester, I can’t recommend the Renaissance enough!



Our room was gorgeous too and HUGE – we opened the door and figured it was a decent size, and then found a whole other bit around the corner. The beds, by the way, were super comfortable!



My sister was wondering why I never put pictures of her on the blog…



And then for the most important part of the night! As the DJ told us, you don’t sit down at a Justin Timberlake concert – and he was RIGHT. I’ve seen a fair few different people & bands live but I honestly think Justin was the best I’ve ever seen.




He didn’t stop moving once and had a perfect mix of new songs and old – when he launched into Sexyback right at the end I honestly thought I was going to die of happiness. He is my absolute dream man, and needless to say the night flew by! We returned to the hotel for a little glass of Prosecco and some much-needed crisps (again served by a very helpful bartender, and even on a random Monday night the bar had a nice buzzy atmosphere!) before bed.


The next morning, we figured we might as well use the opportunity to explore and so we got up and meandered across the road (see? the hotel is SO conveniently located!) to Harvey Nicks for brunch.


They had the world’s cutest sugars.


I had some very delicious poached egg & smoked salmon on English muffins and mum went for the same, but with Hollandaise. Look at those eggs!



And Milly went for the full on English breakfast, which came with the most baked beans I have ever seen.


We spent the rest of the day wandering around the beauty, handbag & jewellery halls of Harvey Nicks & Selfridges and then having a little explore around the rest of the city. It was really nice to spend some time with my mum and sister – we’re all so busy (and I no longer live at home) we never really get to do any girly activities! All too soon, though, it was time to go home…promptly to find that the M6 was closed and we had to take a reroute via Derby, which meant an emergency call to Rory and a good hour and a half spent in a service station car park…but that’s a whole other post!




6 thoughts on “A Manchester Minibreak

  1. Those poached eggs and salmon look so good! And the hotel with cake awaiting you is definitely something I need to discover, glad you had an awesome time!xx

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time!! Gorgeous photographs. I saw JT last year at Wireless festival and he was AMAZING, wanted to see him at the 02 London but it was sold out :( The hotel looks absolutely incredible! xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  3. This all looks amazing Bella! So much more fun to make a proper weekend of it! I saw him at Wireless last summer and he is just so good isn’t he. xxx

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