Country Fun

So as I mentioned at the end of my last post, a diversion around Derby meant that I arrived at Rory’s house an entire evening earlier than planned – exciting! We spent the evening relaxing and watching the Great British Sewing Bee (never watched it before…I’m undecided) but Wednesday saw a funpacked country day planned entirely by the man himself.

It’s no secret that my boyfriend likes food much more than he likes me, so I wasn’t surprised when his itinerary for the day consisted of food, followed by more food. Luckily, he also has exquisite taste in local independents (or at least knows exactly what I like) and so I was very pleased when he introduced me to Nourish at No 44.



Nourish is part cafe/part deli and their breakfast menu has a lot of crossover with their lunch menu, which is always a bonus in my eyes. Inside is delightfully shabby-chic and adorable.



As I mentioned, there are two menus, the regular lunch menu and the deli menu (as well as the breakfast menu which serves until 12!), as well as a specials board. This meant that we spent a LOT of time deliberating, before eventually both going for specials: burger for him, and a warm chicken & chorizo salad for me.



Top marks for presentation and it tasted great too – and for around £7 (I can’t remember exactly what we paid) I got a lot of food.

Nourish also serves a very tempting array of cakes that are displayed on the front counter (along with their deli salad ingredients which looked just as good) but we were determined to move to another venue for dessert. Luckily, next stop on our grand tour was right about the corner. I Should Cocoa is an equally adorable little cafe/shop that sells a dreamy range of chocolates, chocolate-themed baked goods, and Rob Ryan goodies. They specialise in hot chocolate, so naturally that was the order of the day. Rory went for a ginger flavour, while I opted for a kid’s version – told ya I was full! They can do any of their hot chocolates in milk, dark or white, but we both went for traditional milk. With marshmallows, obviously.


Foodwise, we got a banana & toffee muffin and the “cake of the week”: a white chocolate sponge sandwiched with morello cherry and covered in a generous slathering of chocolate ganache. This was technically Rory’s choice but my serious case of food envy meant that we had to share both of them. And yep, they were as good as they look!



Suitably stuffed, we took a little time out to rest before embarking on a country walk in order to burn off some of those calories. We headed for Allestree Park, which was gorgeous, and had lots of fun getting lost, spotting squirrels, and learning duck facts.





We did end up going on another, second walk later that evening but that one took us on a circuit around a sewage plant and was slightly less picturesque – but no less lovely!

Since then I’ve been back home, come back to Exeter, and am heading off home again tomorrow (via London) so it’s been a busy couple of weeks and hopefully I’ll have lots more fun posts lined up in the next few days!


7 thoughts on “Country Fun

    1. Haha definitely! I was really impressed by Rendezvous Wine Bar just off Southernhay Gardens, and the Moroccan on Cathedral Green (I think it’s called Al Farid)…or for fab burgers, Hubbox & Urban Burger are definitely my faves!


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