Egg Hunting

As you have probably figured out by now, there is no such thing as a low key celebration in my family. Even though I had only been back in Exeter five days, there was no chance I wasn’t going to return home for Easter festivities and miss out on all the fun. So on Thursday morning, after a flying visit to London the night before, I headed back up to the shire for a couple of days relaxation/frantic essay writing before the fun began.

We were hosting Easter this year and my aunt and her family arrived on Saturday evening. Cue dog walks and highly competitive games of Cranium. On Sunday morning, the kids were of course up bright and early and after a bit of an agonising wait, it was declared that the Easter Bunny had indeed been and they were all let loose into the garden for one almighty egg hunt.







The Easter Bunny had been VERY busy.




All that egg-hunting had built up our appetites, and so the next order of the day was a family-sized brunch (interspersed with some cheeky chocolate eggs, obviously!).




But that was not the end of celebrations – not by a long shot. Shortly after brunch, we all piled into various cars and headed over to my great aunt’s house, which was well and truly decked out for Easter.




Complete with obligatory terrifying masks and easter bunny badges, naturally.

Shortly after we arrived it was time for the main event: what proved to be the world’s most difficult egg hunt (I’m talking every single adult out hunting too).


I had been seriously feeling the pinch of adulthood with my distinct lack of eggs (although mummy J did do very well with a Lindt bunny and an adorable M&S Colin the Caterpillar for yours truly) but luckily us big kids & real adults had also been thought of and the little ones were duly sent out to hide an egg. It was a tricky search, but I succeeded in the end.



After a feast that finished up with the most gorgeous caramelised nectarine dessert (and I don’t even like nectarines/peaches), we said our goodbyes to the slew of family & fam friends and headed home. We finished the evening with wine, crisps & the kids’ first showing of Grease – a perfect ending to a lovely Easter Sunday if ever I heard one!


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