The Highlight Reel #3


It’s been a while! I’ve had this post in my drafts for ages but just had too much actual stuff going on to post it, so this is the highlight reel of the last two or three weeks. In between Easter, coming back to Exeter and so on, I’ve been:



  • Catching up with some of the gang in London, including an old friend from the WM days – it has been far too long!
  • Finishing my book just as I pulled into Waterloo station…perfect timing. (The book by the way was Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussman and it is wonderful)
  • Enjoying a spontaneous Nandos trip followed by a pick & mix stop
  • Winning a Hotel Chocolat/Bourjois twitter giveaway! I never get lucky with those but this time I did and the other day I picked up the most perfect hamper full of goodies and all the chocolate I could ever want.
  • Trying out new foundation. I’ve been playing with Lancome’s Air De Teint and it’s like painting silk on your face.
  • Playing Easter Bunny. It makes me feel so adult!
  • Having a long catch up and a lot of wine at one of my very fave pubs with Mae
  • Taking advantage of Topshop’s 20% student discount and treating myself to a bit of a spring/summer wardrobe update (although why why why is jeans shopping SO stressful?!)
  • Making homemade chicken katsu curry thanks to Waitrose’s new Cooks Ingredients sets (I think they’re new anyway). It came with breadcrumbs, the curry sauce and a chilli paste, so all we had to do was buy chicken and cook rice. It tasted really good and it was nice to have all the obscure bits you’d usually end up hunting down all in one bag! They have a few other dishes in the range so I’m excited to try them one day soon.

What have you been up to? Good luck & congrats to anyone handing in dissertation/final essays and such like this weekend. I just handed in 12000 words of stuff and I’m about ready to die so trust me I know how you feel!


9 thoughts on “The Highlight Reel #3

    1. It’s weird, I started it aaaaages ago and couldn’t get into it but as soon as I gave it more time I absolutely loved it, it whiled away some long train journeys very nicely!


  1. Sounds like an awesome month – handing in your work so that’s out of the way and getting loads of chocolate – perfect.

    1. Haha well done you! It’s so exciting isn’t it, and so unexpected – plus the hamper itself is ridiculously adorable, it may be my fave part of the whole prize!


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