Percy & Reed Wonder Balm

When it comes to haircare, I’m a very loyal Bumble & bumble kinda girl but lately I’ve been considering trying out Percy & Reed products. A couple of months ago (March, I think), they were giving away their newest product, Wonder Balm, free with Elle Magazine, I jumped on the chance to try one out for real.


All Percy & Reed products have distinctive, fun packaging and a really distinctive smell that I really love – I believe it’s elderflower, and it’s just nicely sweet enough. The Balm itself is thinner than I expected and with a brand new tube, it’s quite hard to control how much comes out – although I did notice that on the website, the picture has a pump instead of just being a squeezy tube, so they may have changed this!

The first time I used it, I only put in what looked like a little bit (probably just smaller than a 10p piece, and I have a lot of hair) but I did find that it resulted in a few sticky/clumpy bits. The next few times, I used just a tiny tiny amount and I didn’t have this problem at all, so I guess a little bit goes a long way! Also, the tube recommends running it through from roots to ends but after that first time I’ve been using my tried-and-tested hair product method of putting it mostly through the ends and then anything leftover higher up. I’m paranoid about having greasy-looking roots and I don’t want to risk it.

I have to say, at first I wasn’t convinced this did anything to my hair. However, after some consideration and a lot of stroking, I have decided that actually, it does make it a lot softer, especially through the ends. Through a combination of luck and laziness, I very rarely do anything with my hair other than blast dry it or put it in a messy bun so I can’t really say how this works in terms of making your hair more manageable or easier to style, but I do plan on continuing to use it so if/when I decide to do something special with my hair I will definitely see if this help. And I’m seriously consiering investing in their shampoo & conditioner – I can’t get enough of that smell!


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