Dubrovnik: Day 2

Rory had spotted a big old castle a little way out of the walls and so our mission on Friday morning was to find it. Having trawled through numerous tiny residential streets, we stumbled across an entrance via a gorgeous little cove (or at least it would have been gorgeous if the sun had been shining) and were feeling very proud of ourselves as we climbed the steps towards the castle (which turned out to be a fort).



At the top we found that you can only actually get into the fort with your city walls ticket, which I had left at home, or pay to get in. Neither of us were really that bothered, so we settled for admiring the city from afar.




On the way down, we discovered a very clearly signposted path to the fort right from the main plaza bit just outside the old town, so maybe we weren’t so clever tracking down that hidden entrance all by ourselves – but I reckon our way was more fun anyway!

After a quick stop for fro-yo and then some pirate pick & mix for the toddler in me, we went on another little wander around the old town but this time, we managed to stay away from those two main streets we kept ending up on. We kept mainly to just inside the walls and stumbled across some lovely little hidden pathways that were much quieter than the rest of the city.





I was intrigued by a painted sign proclaiming “cold drinks and the most beautiful view.” Cold drinks were not on the agenda, but I am always game for a beautiful view and so I dragged Rory down all manner of tiny streets until we came across another little sign and a hole in the wall. We climbed through it to discover the actual most beautiful view, ever. Cafe Buza is planted right on the cliffs and rocks, meaning that it juts out over the sea with just cliffs and island and water for miles and miles. I was beside myself with glee – and a nice stranger even offered to take the sole picture of the two of us together from the whole trip. Thanks, lady!




Unfortunately I’d spent a fair bit of the day’s budget on pick & mix, so we couldn’t stop for a drink. It didn’t really matter though, because next on the agenda was the thing I’d been wanting to do most of all: the cable car up to Mount Srd. Seriously, if you are going to Dubrovnik, DO NOT MISS THIS. It’s 60 kuna each for a one way ticket or I think 100 for a return and the actual ride in the cable car takes all of three minutes, but the views from the top of the mountain are second to none. As with all our pictures so far, imagine this view with beautiful blue skies and impossibly blue water and that’s what you’ll probably get if you go.





After tea and apple cake in the spectacular panoramic restaurant at the top, we meandered around taking in the views and the sights for a while. We’d read that the walk down the mountain didn’t take too long and wasn’t too treacherous, which was good because the line to get back on the cable car down was nothing if not chaotic. Feeling more than a bit smug, we trotted off down the mountain, where we met this little guy and all his friends.


The walk wasn’t too difficult and despite the fact that the trail ends rather abruptly on the main road out of the city (no warnings about that one on trip advisor!) we made it back unscathed. We’d been planning to have another wander about before getting a later dinner in the city, but it was getting decidedly cold so we headed straight for the harbour, where Rory had been eyeing up everyone else eating seafood out of enormous black pots. We ordered a risotto and the most delicious looking, enormous prawns and sat there watching the boats and dipping bread in all the garlicky prawn juice and it was perfect (and sadly unphotographed!).

We grabbed a crepe each from a place on the main street, Stradun, on our way out, and as we left the sun was just beginning to set behind the fort we’d begun the day at. I feel like we discovered a lot more of the old town and it’s surrounds this day and did some proper exploring – my fave!



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