Dubrovnik: Day 3

We’d planned to have a bit of a lazy morning and a wander down to Gruz Port on our final day, and that’s exactly what we did. We were both amazed by the sheer size of the cruise ships in the port – I’ve never seen one in real life and they are MASSIVE, but sadly for us the weather was even less on our side this morning than it had been the whole trip.



We braved the drizzle for a while, but eventually had to take solace in a supermarket (not that horrible really, I love foreign supermarkets) and then drifting back to the hotel.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little bit concerned at this point as to how we were going to fill in our last afternoon. However, while we were milling around the room (as I recall we’d gone back to pick up our raincoats), our prayers were answered and the sun came out. I glanced out the window to see gorgeous gorgeous blue skies, and so I threw that raincoat back into my suitcase and we dashed back out. Turns out, when the sun comes out in Croatia, the sun comes out, and it was already SO warm. I was practically bouncing with excitement as we wandered down the “promenade” and settled ourselves at a beachside bar for lunch and a couple of my new favourite thing ever, lemon beer.




Newly inspired, we set off on a cliffside walk around the headland which was just impossibly gorgeous.






I was particularly taken by this bar (part of the Hotel More if you’re going), right on the water. Talk about prime location?!


There were all these little rocky inlets that I could happily have spent hours sunbathing on had there not been more threatening clouds in view. We settled on one and made our way down to the water…



It would all have been very romantic if it weren’t for the fact that as I dipped my toes in the water, a crab scuttled across my foot, nearly causing me to slip on the seaweed into the sea, and then a wasp plagued us as we tried to self-time a photo. Then my camera died, and we decided it was time to call it a day.

After an idyllic couple of hours reading and eating ice creams in the gorgeous hotel gardens, we headed up to the room to freshen up and then it was back out to dinner. We’d seen a sign for the Atlantic Kitchen on the main promenade, and TripAdvisor promised us a hidden gem so we trekked up into the hillside to find it. We had kind of been anticipating gorgeous views across the water, which we didn’t get, but the restaurant was gorgeous anyway and given the evening sunlight, we asked for a table outside.



To start we shared calamari and scallops & chorizo – first time trying scallops for either of us and we were both impressed. For the main course, I had prawns (story of the trip), which came with potato wedges (traditional Croatian fare? maybe not but they were yummy)


Rory went for surf & turf, and then had to figure out how to tackle a langoustine…


The restaurant definitely caters for British tourists but in a less offensive, more upmarket way than most, and there were plenty of other nationalities there too. Shortly after our mains, the skies opened and it started pouring down, but we were nice and dry under a canopy so we decided to order more wine/a brownie/Baileys hot chocolate and wait it out.


Our plans for post-dinner drinks were scuppered by the rain, but we were happy anyway and returned to the hotel very satisfied. I am SO happy that the sun finally showed its face on the last day – we finally got to see Croatia in all its glory and it was worth the wait!

Despite the weather we had, I would absolutely return to Dubrovnik (maybe later in the summer). I want to go on a boat trip and go sea kayaking and drink lemon beer in all those stunning cliffside bars! We had such a lovely time and I’d totally recommend it for a minibreak of your own!


4 thoughts on “Dubrovnik: Day 3

  1. Apart from the Laurel and Hardy style crab-wasp sketch in the middle this sounds like an awesome day, looks stunning in the sunshine. Hope you came back all happy and relaxed and stuff!
    M x

    1. Haha I’ve loved all your comments on this little series Michelle – I hope the husband gives in, Dubrovnik is IDEAL for a minibreak I reckon: sun, beaches, culture, bit of adventuring – everything! And yeah the crap/wasp incident was not quite the glamorous ocean goddess vibe I was envisioning…

  2. Yippee I’m so happy to sun made an appearance for you trip, it really sounds like you packed in so much touristing that you deserved the turquoise seas :)
    Such a lovely getaway, you’ve got me craving to go there even more
    x x x

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