Clarins Goodies

One of the worst parts of my job is the incessant temptation from the perfume aisles, the haircare section, and most of all, the beauty counters. However, on the flipside of that: one of the best parts is that I am newly au fait with what’s what, what I should be buying and what I shouldn’t, and most importantly, who’s on gift with purchase. There is pretty much always some beauty brand or other offering an absurdly generous gift when you buy and I’m always keeping my eyes open. I’ve been needing to buy a full-size version of my recently emptied eye makeup remover, so when Clarins were on gift, I didn’t waste a second.


So like most companies, Clarins require you to buy 2 products, one being skincare, in order to qualify for your gift. My eye makeup remover qualifies as skincare, so I was left with the entire collection at my disposal. Now, I could have bought a second remover, but the little one I had already lasted me a seriously long time (I’m talking months) and having another full one sitting on my shelf for the next however long just did not seem like a very fun option. Instead, I found myself drawn towards Clarins’ new lip balm crayons. I had initially discounted them because I rarely/never wear lip colour of any kind and frankly I’m just a bit scared of it. But the lovely Jacqui persuaded me to try one, and now I am hooked. To the point that I kept it in my handbag ready for top ups the whole time we were in Croatia, and I am not a girl who carries makeup around with me.

Lip Balm Crayon (in shade 02 “Creamy Pink”)



It’s a really subtle colour that matches my natural lip colour pretty exactly, but better, and it’s super moisturising too which is always good news with a really nice shimmery shine. I’m so excited about my first successful foray into lip colour that I’m already eyeing up the other shades, so watch this space!

And now onto my gifts! You pick 3 of 9 possible miniatures, and they’re all great travel sizes – it’s such a great way to try new products without spending!

Water Purity One-Step Cleanser


I’ve never had the patience for an elaborate makeup remover-cleanser-toner-moisturiser kind of bedtime routine – most days it’s a serious effort to brush my teeth. So this gorgeous fresh one-step product is pretty much my dream and I actually can’t believe I’ve never used it before. I got the version for combination/oily skin, and it is seriously fab: it has mint essential water in it and feels so fresh on my face, and leaves it feeling bright and clean. And best of all, you don’t need to rinse it off, which means I don’t even have to leave my room to apply it. I got a generous 100ml size in my gift but when it runs out I am already planning to repurchase!

HydraQuench Cream


I’ve waxed lyrical about how much I adore my Elemis Day Cream, but sadly my travel-size version will soon be coming to an end (although it has lasted a SERIOUSLY long time) so I was very happy to come across this little gem. Like all Clarins products, it smells deliciously clean (I sense eucalyptus or cucumber maybe?) and I only need a tiny bit to leave my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised.

Exfoliating Body Scrub


This one was my most off-kilter choice, but I’ve recently developed a bit of an obsession with lux shower products (thanks, Liz Earle shower nectar) and I’m pleased to report that this does exactly what it says on the tube and leaves my skin silky smooth and exfoliated – to the point where even the boy noticed how smooth I am right now. It’s a nice peachy colour (irrelevant but nice anyway) and it smells delicious – noticing a theme? Even if Clarins stuff didn’t work so well, I think I’d still be drawn to it for all those gorgeous scents!

I’ve also recently acquired a sample of Clarins’ new Hydraquench tinted moisturiser. If it’s half as good as the regular Hydraquench, this stuff will probably be a godsend for summer and I’m very excited to try it out!

Do you wait for GWP time? Clarins I think have actually officially finished their gift time, but some stores may still be offering it if they have stock left so it’s worth a look!


6 thoughts on “Clarins Goodies

  1. I’ve never really been into high end make up and skincare brands unless there is a deal on! They always look so luxurious though, I definitely think I’ll do my research, save up, and try out some new make up when I go to France in a few months, they must be cheaper there! When I’m picking out lip products though I always tend to feel like there’s too much shine in everything, do you ever find that? Maybe the shine just doesn’t suit me, or maybe I’m just being stupid haha!


    1. Yeah it’s definitely worth trying some! See if you can get sample sizes first to see if you like it, or get the girls on the makeup counter to put it on you before you buy it, it’s so helpful! Yeah I struggle loads with lip products and find them really intimidating – my Clarins one is less shiny than a gloss but more than just a lip balm if that makes sense and it really works well for me, it’s not got shimmer in it it’s just so moisturising it looks shiny!


  2. Love the post. I also get tempted by the cosmetics department in work! The Clarins gifts are always a good offer as the sample sizes are amazing and last for so long! I wish I had opted for eye make up remover too x

      1. Exactly, its what I begrudge spending money on. Buying a new foundation or lipstick is much more exciting haha! x

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