An American in Exeter

Doing a year abroad is a bit of a weird thing for many reasons, but mostly because it leaves your friends scattered across various sides of the Atlantic. The term that I returned to Exeter, one of my favourite Americans Lydia also came to study here for a semester, and this week, she popped by for a little nostalgic visit. I didn’t actually end up taking that many pictures but I couldn’t let such a momentous occasion pass by without a blog post!

Her one and only request (besides the pedaloes at the quay, which the weather did not cooperate for) was a visit to Tea on the Green, so that she could order the Exeter afternoon tea, so naturally that was our first stop. I “helped out” with the spiced apple cake she picked to go with it and it was delish.


We spent the afternoon wandering around all Lydia’s favourite old haunts – highlights being the corner shop near campus – and of course we had to make a trip up to campus itself!




That evening, one of my very best friends Nicole also managed to make a detour via Exeter on her way up to Manchester which was so lovely! We all headed out to dinner and ended up having a distinctly bizarre experience at Cafe Rouge – but the food & wine were good and company even better so it didn’t matter. We spent the rest of the night back at mine drinking rum & blood orange juice, and then the next morning Nicole had to shoot off early so Lydia and I spent our last few ours brunching at Cosy Club. I’ve been wanting to check out their breakfast menu and their pancakes, syrup & bacon did not disappoint.

All too soon it was time for me to leave Lydia at the bus station for a long, long trip back to LDN. It was a flying visit, but luckily our goodbye wasn’t for long – she’s sticking around for a little bit and this weekend I’m headed up to London for a big old reunion with all the gang, so watch out for lots more fun!


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