Adventures in Devon: Teignmouth

Remember when I visited Teignmouth way back during the cold and rainy winter? Well I vowed then to come back in the summer, and when I awoke bright and early on an equally bright Thursday morning, I could think of nothing better to do. So I woke up my ever-patient companion (to his delight) and off we set to the train station. Thirty minutes later, and we were welcomed to a lovely little seaside town on the best kind of seaside day.




Rory has an aversion to sand and the tide was way in anyway, so we sunbathed for a while at The Den, which is basically a park just across the road from the seafront.




Then it was time for one of my favourite summertime activities, mini golf. I only ever actually play this about once a year and in the long, long time between each trip I always convince myself I am the Tiger Woods of minigolf, so it’s always a surprise to me when I am horrendously, unbelievably bad. By about hole 7 we’d given up counting how many tries it took me to get the ball in…




After a break for a 99 (which cost £2! what?!) we decided it was high time we actually went to the beach, which had reappeared now the tide had gone out a little.





We had a little paddle before doing a spot more sunbathing, and eventually caught the train home feeling hot, happy, and more than a little sunburnt, for an evening of Dominos pizza and watching England crash and burn their way out of the World Cup. I’m glad I finally got to see Teignmouth in the sunshine (although have to say I still prefer Exmouth beach!) – and over the last few days I’ve been doing lots more getting out and about in this gorgeous weather, so stay tuned for more Devon adventures!

(PS – excuse me while I play around with my layout! I’ve got the summer itch and just feel it’s time for a new look…)


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Devon: Teignmouth

  1. This sounds so perfect!! You can walk all along the sea wall out towards Dawlish and to a pub called The Smugglers which does THE BEST CARVERY IN THE WORLD. Seriously worth a return trip just for this- walk from Teignmouth along the sea wall until you reach the end. Then go up the steep hill- at the top, turn right, walk up the hill, and you will come across it. Book though- it gets super busy!

    Alice xx |The Cup and Saucer

    1. Ooh thanks for this tip Alice! I suggested going here to my parents this weekend after reading this haha but we ended up Exmouth-way but I will definitely try and fit it in before I leave Exeter!

    1. Where I live at home is really far from the sea as well, I think that’s partly the reason I chose Exeter as my uni haha – it’s so easy to get to so many beaches and I love making the most of it!

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