Love & Lust

Okay, so this month I’ve been doing my best not to spend money on clothes/makeup/anything unnecessary. To be honest it’s been pretty much counterbalanced by the amount of trips I’ve been going on, but I think I’ve done pretty well (although I mayyy have caved in Primark and H&M right at the end of the month). I have, however, spent an inordinate amount of time doing some good old virtual window shopping, as well as delving into the supplies I already own, and it’s inspired me to come up with what I hope will be a recurring feature around these parts. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been loving, and a little bit more of what I’m lusting after this month.

love june 2014



Liz Earle Shower Nectar in Bergamot & Ginger

After several weeks of eyeing it up, I finally purchased this on a bit of a whim and it has transformed the way I feel about showers. I’ve never really understood any hype about lux shower gels and so on – Palmolive has always done for me, thanks – but this is DIVINE. It is seriously the creamiest, most delicious smelling thing I’ve ever known. Of the three fragrances, I thought I was going to like saffron & vanilla the best but the bergamot & ginger is perfectly refreshing – the website says zesty and I’d agree. It’s only £12.50 so not really that expensive and it would make a GREAT gift, either to someone else or (my favourite kind) to yourself!

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Instant Tan

I actually got this months and months ago in my Southwest Bloggers Meet Goodie Bag and I have to say, I was a bit dubious about using it. I’ve never really used fake tan apart from a brief dalliance with St Tropez when I was 18 and I was concerned that something would go horribly wrong and it would all just be horrendous. However, eventually I decided I’d read enough good reviews to give it a go and got it out for the first time for a bit of a glam event a couple of months ago. All my worrying was of course unnecessary and this worked perfectly. I didn’t put a whole lot on because I really just wanted to take the edge off my pastiness rather than look actually tanned, but I’ve used it a couple of times since and am looking forward to experimenting for a deeper tan. I found it a bit difficult to control how much came out at first because the foam expands so quickly, but once I got the hang of it it was really easy and not streaky at all. Result!

Nakd Bars

A little lifestyle detour but I can’t get enough of these. They’re pretty expensive on their own (for a small cereal bar) but I always get them as part of my regular Boots meal deal and if you buy in multipack they’re not too bad, either – or so I tell myself. My favourite is the berry crunch and although I was a little bit underwhelmed by apple pie, I am looking forward to trying out the others and I’m eyeing up banana bread.


lust summer 2014


Mr Kate Beauty Marks

I. Need. These. This is beauty lust like I have never experienced before and I literally cannot stop thinking about them. At $12 they are an absolute bargain if you live in the US, but I suspect that shipping charges would make them considerably less affordable. Since I began this post I’ve actually discovered UK equivalent Seekers of Sun, which I am also SO ready to buy!

Tom Ford Sunglasses

Call me shallow but I can’t shake the feeling that I just need some Tom Ford sunglasses in my life. I don’t even have a particular pair in mind and neither have I fallen in love with any particular pair of the many I have tried on…I just want some. Black Orchid has made me a Tom Ford junkie and it’s ruining my life.

Benetint Balms

I’ve never really used the Benetints because I’m a powder-blusher kinda gal and I just never bought one. However, as soon as I spotted the new matching lipbalms I knew I kinda wanted one. I’ve tried a couple out and they are super moisturising with a nice sheer colour – the bright red is my favourite because I think it’s the most buildable colour. I really want one but I did just spend £18 or so on my Clarins lipbalm which is basically the same product and I’m not tryna start a lip product addiction on top of everything else, so I’m holding off…for now.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

This IS summer in a bottle and I am officially in love. It’s absolutely perfect – coconutty suncream sweetness without being cloying or cheap-smelling, and distinctive enough that I can recognise it on anyone (and compliment them on their excellent taste). My fragrance crush changes regularly but for now, this is my one and only.

SO. What are you lot lusting after recently? Summer always makes me want to buy things and I’ve got a holiday and an internship in mind to buy for so I am after even more inspiration!


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