Adventures in Devon: Torquay

Torquay is a place that I’d heard a lot about in passing and never really considered as a destination to actually go to. When the sun stayed out last Friday and Mae and I were brainstorming places for a daytrip, though, it was Torquay that we settled on and I am SO glad we did. Four of us piled into the little yellow Maemobile and sped off south on Friday morning for a day spent pretending we were on holiday.

It was already super warm by the time we arrived, so we spent some time wandering around, admiring the scenery and picking out which boat we’ll buy when we inevitably make our fortunes/win the lottery. I REALLY wanted a go on the fab ferris wheel but sadly there was no time in our touristy schedule.





Boats picked out, our stomachs were beginning to make noises so we headed to the harbourside to grab some food. Everyone else in the vicinity had had the same idea so we had some trouble finding anywhere, but eventually ended up at a pub called Vaughn’s (I believe). I have to say I was a bit dubious about this choice, but Rory and I both had pulled pork wraps that were actually delicious and I’d def recommend them if you end up there too! It was so sunny that we also indulged in a lunchtime beer…we were pretending to be on holiday after all!


Next up was more wandering, this time along the pier.


I was feeling suitably nautical (in a New Look t-shirt – £3 in the sale, bargain!)


Finally, our wanderings took us down to the beach, where there are really cute beach huts (I wantttt one) and just about enough sand for us to sunbathe. We also saw them filming an episode of Coast so you know, that was exciting, and even took a little dip into the sea.




Eventually we realised that evening was fast closing in and it was time to leave. I think I could happily spend a weekend in Torquay – as well as the beach there are cute parks, shops and lots of bits and pieces to do so it’s an ideal weekend break spot!

We’d all had such a nice time that we were reluctant for the day to end, so when we got home we threw an impromptu BBQ (the best kind) on Mae’s balcony. Burgers and sausages with a view of the sun setting over Exeter? A pretty much perfect way to end the day if you ask me!





Days like these make me remember why I love Devon so much – in all honesty I’ve been a bit fed up the last few weeks so it was so nice to spend some time in the sun relaxing and reminiscing! Have you ever been to Torquay? What’s your favourite UK-minibreak destination?


12 thoughts on “Adventures in Devon: Torquay

  1. Wow Torquay looks beautiful! My Mum used to go there all the time. I’ve never been down to Devon before, I feel like I’m missing out now! Looks like you had a perfect day x

    1. I’d never been here either before I came to uni and it is so absurdly gorgeous! Catch it on the right day and some of the beaches are downright tropical haha


  2. Torquay is great. I just absolutely adore the seaside. I need to explore Devon again, I’ve done it a few times, and I study in Plymouth, but I think it’s time to go again. I’ve got a lot of favourite places to explore in the UK. I pretty much know Cornwall inside out but I absolutely adore the Scottish borders. They’re just absolutely stunning. Bar my home in Somerset, I probably feel most at home there!

    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my latest post! I’m doing well with the commenting thing so far so lets hope it continues!

    1. You should definitely go again! I really want to explore North Devon a bit more, my boyfriend recently went to Croyde and it looked amaaaazing – I’ve never been up to the Scottish borders but I bet they’re gorgeous!


    1. Thank you! BBQs are my absolute favourite – I don’t even really like sausages the rest of the time but sausages on a barbecue are just so good!


    1. It was really lovely and we were so lucky with the weather! You definitely should, I would have loved to explore some of the little shops and cafes a bit more!


  3. I love Devon too! I’ve been on tour twice to the Devon area so been lucky enough to spend a lot of time exploring and it’s such a gorgeous place. It really feels separate from the rest of the UK also.

    I love Brighton as well! It’s the best on a sunny day. :) xx

    1. It does feel totally separate from the rest of the UK (in good and bad ways haha) – both Devon & Cornwall can feel practically tropical if you catch them on a good day! I’ve never been to Brighton but I’ve always wanted to go, maybe I will finally make it this summer!


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