Adventures in Devon: Exmouth in the Rain

So last weekend, my parents, brother and dog all made the longggg trip down to Exe (on Glasto weekend no less – they must love me!). The weekend before, when we’d planned this trip, we’d been all glorious sunshine and pub gardens and Victorian lemonade. The weekend they actually came, naturally, it rained and it rained. With the dog in tow and not many other options, we went to Exmouth anyway.

As we got closer the clouds looked like they might be dispersing (spoiler: they were not), and there were quite a few other hardy souls out and about.




My brother has never seen Exmouth or any of Devon’s coastline in all its glory (his one and only visit to Exeter consisted of a rowdy trip to Arena and not much else) and I can’t say he was overly impressed on this rainy day.


Jimmy, on the other hand, was having a great time.







Eventually / about fifteen minutes later, the rain arrived and got the better of us so we piled in the car with hopes of finding a dog-friendly pub. We ended up in Topsham at The Lighter Inn, which was just as friendly (to humans and to dogs) as it promised. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon meandering around a few shops in Exeter, before finishing the evening with dinner at Wagamamas. A warning: the firecracker dish IS as spicy as it promises to be!

My parents’ visit ended with a fab brunch at Cosy Club the next day, and then we packed up the car with the majority of my stuff and waved them on their way. It’s a shame the weather didn’t hold out for their trip but I still had a lovely time with them all – what’s a British summertime without a rainy trip to the seaside, after all?!


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