The Highlight Reel #5

Hello! Sorry it’s been a while: I’ve been busy packing up, leaving my job, celebrating, and saying goodbye to people and places. Grad week has descended on us once more and although it’s been making me impossibly nostalgic, I’m taking the opportunity to live vicariously through everyone I know who is graduating. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Highlight Reel, so as I’ve not really had time to capture much on camera, here’s a little rundown of some (mainly food related…oops) highlights of the last couple of weeks.

Sunset dog walking #nofilter

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  • Dinner at El Bocado, a tapas restaurant I have been honestly wanting to visit FOREVER, with Mae and her family. I’m always happy with some cava sangria but add some delicious tapas to the mix and a cheeky after-dinner cocktail and I was one happy bunny.
  • A quick little picnic on a sunny Cathedral Green – for the last time!
  • Stocking up on samples of my new fragrance obsession, Daisy Dream, which is the dreamiest, blackcurrantiest thing you ever smelt
  • A little trip to Topsham, which has become something of a frequent haunt of mine lately
  • Firehouse pizza & sangria with some work chums, which was a well-needed break from spending allll my time alone or at work!
  • Pretty pretty pink sunsets, followed by a good old dose of lightning
  • Free champagne, pre- and post-graduation ceremonies
  • Seeing my old friend Floella once more (and maybe possibly tearing up at the sight of her amazing wise face) at R’s graduation
  • Returning home to a BBQ in my gorgeous green garden after the longest most boring journey from Exeter ever!

Much more to come on the subject of graduation – I haven’t yet graduated, but I was on girlfriend duty and got to experience a ceremony as a guest – and also possibly a sentimental post on leaving Exeter forever…we’ll see! Hope you’ve all been having wonderful weeks!


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