Topsham Food Festival

Last weekend, with Mae back in Exe, we decided to take a little trip out to Topsham for their Food Festival. It had been all blue skies in the morning, but naturally by the time we arrived things were distinctly grey (story of my life right now!). The locals were out and about in force, though, and after we’d navigated our way through a “street fair,” we found the food fest itself right on the water.





Obviously we couldn’t even think about buying anything before we’d done a full circuit and assessed our options. First up was one of my favourite food festival/farmer’s market activities: sampling chutney.



These ones were from Fine Country Lifestyle, a farm shop somewhere in Devon. That one on the left was an “Indian Courgette” chutney and although I was definitely dubious about trying it, it was actually really good – similar flavours to mango, but less sweet. I also tried an apple cider chutney that was delicious. If my time in Devon has left me with anything, it is an affinity for chutneys!

There weren’t a million stands, but there were some of my favourite local stalls and some new ones I hadn’t seen before and there was a nice range of options for us. I was very tempted by these salad plates (also from Fine Country Lifestyle I believe), where you could heap any of these options (plus a couple of others that appeared after I took the picture) onto a plate for about £4.




In the end, though, sweet won us over. The Blueberry Bros are always popping up at foodie events in Exeter and are regulars at the Farmer’s Market on campus: I had a blueberry-mince pie-muffin-concoction thing at Christmas that was delicious, and I think they also make blueberry beer which is fab.



In the end Mae went for a blueberry muffin, while I opted for a good old traditional brownie from another stand. We sat and caught up while we ate them, soaking up the atmos and listening to the live cooking demonstrations, one of which seemed to be a Ready Steady Cook imitation and was funny/bizarre in equal measures. We decided it was probably time to head back to the car and to Exeter before the rain came, but on the way, we popped into a few of Topsham’s cute shops. I was kind of delighted to find this…


Perfect, isn’t it? Anyway, one of my goals this term was to get out and explore Exeter and Devon more before I left for good and I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job. At any rate I’m very glad Topsham has been such a frequent haunt of mine and as always, I’d definitely recommend it for a wander if you’re down that way!




8 thoughts on “Topsham Food Festival

  1. I’ve never been to a food festival before but I’m quite intrigued by them now! I can’t lie but it’s definitely those delicious looking muffins that have persuaded me to go to one!

    Hannah xo

  2. I absolutely love food markets, and this looks like such a cute one! I’m the same as you, I always go to the stalls that sell chutney and try all of them. Sounds like it was a really lovely day out :)

    Hazel Jane xx

  3. This post makes me miss Devon so much! I grew up there and went to school in Exeter, its such a lovely city. I miss the Cathedral Green, Gandy Street and the Waterfront the most I think. And the many a night of my teenage years I spent in The Cavern Club!

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