Street Feast

So like I said, last weekend saw a trip to London which was part business, part play. Friday evening proved the perfect opportunity to reunite with all my BFFs, and after quite a lot of discussion, we decided that our destination was Street Feast at Dalston Yard, which we’d all been wanting to go for ages.

As I arrived at Dalston Junction, it started to absolutely chuck it down. Luckily directly across from the station I spotted a little coffee shop/bar called Briggs & William, where I ordered a latte & a huge slice of banana cake before I’d even thought twice. I wasn’t planning to mention this in the blog post, but the service was SO friendly and the decor (and cake) so nice that I just have to include it. If you’re ever around the area, they do wine and stuff too so definitely pop in!


Anyway, like I said the actual reason I was in Dalston was to to go Street Feast, and after I’d met up Nicole (who kindly brought me a raincoat) we headed just down the road to the venue. It’s free entry before 7, and there were just enough people there that there was plenty of space and a nice buzzy atmosphere.


Obviously first stop was the bar, where we split a “giant” cocktail (the name escapes me) between two cups while we waited for the others to arrive.



Soon enough we were joined by Kate and Sophie, and the mission to decide where we were all going to eat began. Early on I’d been tempted by the flatbread trio from Rola Wala, and in the end I couldn’t find anything I liked the look of more (although there were some seriously tempting dishes!)


One of these was beetroot, one chicken, and one pulled pork, and they were all absolutely delicious, although the chicken was my favourite. The flatbreads were the perfect combination of crispy on the outside and soft in, and the peanut (I think) crunch on top was just perfect. For £9 for all three this was definitely a solid decision!


We all settled for different things and snagged a table that hadn’t been rained on – result – before we set to the task of photographing everything in sight.




It wasn’t long before the food was gone and it was time to turn our attention back to the bar. We were obviously stopped in our tracks by these frozen tequila coladas, which came in real life coconuts…


And after we’d made short work of those and expertly scraped out all the coconut flesh inside, it was time to venture outside to the Cocktail shed.



We went for a jug of a Kamm & Sons cocktail called “Adam & Eve” between the lot of us, which, frankly, was a bit disappointing – but the straws made up for it!


It’s only in writing this blogpost that I’ve realised quite how much alcohol was consumed…but it didn’t end there! We thought we’d exhausted everything Street Feast had to offer (plus it was much busier now) so we decided to nip next door to the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, which is the most gorgeous secret-garden-esque, fairylighted place I’ve ever seen and a total haven.

After a little nightcap in the garden (you can’t go wrong with a £3 Estrella really, can you?) it was time to head home ready for a big old blogger’s brunch and a lot of housewarming fun the next day. Needless to say there will be blogposts on both but in the meantime, Street Feast is definitely worth a visit, especially if you get there before 7 and don’t have to pay to get in! (It’s only £3 afterwards so don’t fret too much – still a bargain!) It’s a great atmosphere, there’s definitely something for everyone and there are plenty of little nooks and crannies to explore. I think it’s running all over summer so if you’ve got a free Friday evening, get yourself down there!



7 thoughts on “Street Feast

  1. I’ve never been to a food event like this. We have something similar in the town I live in, it’s like a restaurant day where they all set up stalls outside and then you can try samples of everything. I’ve yet to go to it though.

    ~ K

  2. This looks like so much fun and plenty of alcohol ;)! When i go to London i always tend to stick to the cliche things, i really am missing out on some amazing other places! The bloggers brunch sounds so good looking forward to your post on it :) xx

    1. Yeah I’m really trying to branch out and explore other bits of London – twitter is seriously the best for hearing about them haha and the brunch post is coming up very soon!


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