Modcloth Nail Klub

So last week, I was contacted by Modcloth, who invited me to take part in their nail art challenge: creating a nail design based on one of their dresses (you can see some examples here). Now I have tiny tiny child’s hands and proportionately sized nails so I’ve never really attempted anything more than a single colour on my nails, but I do have a ridiculously large collection of polishes and the challenge intrigued me so much I just had to give it a go. After a long long time scrolling through Modcloth’s amazing dress collection and creating an entire shortlist of dresses & matching ideas, I settled on the “Peaches and Dreamy” dress, which I love.

I can totally imagine this dress with long loose waves and a flower crown, possibly at a summer wedding. I figured it needed something quite simple, so I poured out my entire nail collection on the living room floor and set to work. I seem to have misplaced the majority of my nude-y tones (seriously, where are they?!) but luckily the perfect shade had not gone missing. Ciaté’s Ivory Queen is one of my favourite ever nail polishes and it’s basically a perfect match for the dress so I knew I just had to use it.



The detail on the dress itself is almost a bronze-y colour, but after experimenting with my Nails Inc mirror gold effect swirled over the top, I decided to keep it even more minimalist. Enter Urban Decay’s Love Light, which I have had in my collection FOREVER and rarely use. It is gorgeous though, and using the very edge of the brush, I just swirled it randomly over each nail in patterns like the one on the dress.



It was at this point that I realised that while my design looked great in real life, it is basically IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. Enjoy my attempts…




Maybe not the most extravagant nail art in the world, but a nice subtle design that matches the gorgeous subtle dress. This was a really fun challenge actually – I’m not sure I’ve ever considered matching my outfit to my nails but I think done well, it looks great! Thanks to Modcloth for drawing my attention to this challenge – maybe next time I’ll get a bit more adventurous!


8 thoughts on “Modcloth Nail Klub

    1. They make me feel so grown up! I have a green Gelly one but I definitely wanna look at more of their shades, they’re so cheap you can’t go wrong really!


  1. The swirly effect is really subtle, but I like it. I agree! I always wondered how to get a photo of nails… I’m not great at nails, but I do enjoy painting them different colours. I recently bought some nail stickers to try different patterns out but I’m so impatient and I’m still trying haha. Maybe once I master it, I might share :)

    ~ K

    1. Oh you should do! That reminds me I have a packet of nail “tattoos” that I definitely should have incorporated into this design haha – impatience is most definitely my problem too when it comes to nails!


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