I’m very sorry to keep banging on about the same weekend, but it occurred to me that I haven’t even mentioned the actual reason I was in London the other week: the housewarming of two of my very best friends. They recently made the big move into a very swanky little flat in North London and so obviously this called for a gathering of all our favourite people to warm the place.

What started off as a very civilised, chips-and-dip and g-and-t kinda evening…


…turned into the kind of evening where this is the best quality, most civilised, family-friendly picture of the lot:


And so safe to say, the less said about that the better. But it was a FABULOUS night and after waking up with the hangover to prove it and a very strange array of people in the room, the two girls and I eventually decided to brave the great outdoors and hit the Alma Street Fair.

This was a good decision: we didn’t know how big the street fair would be but it was busy and buzzy and there was loads going on.



All of our favourite touches were these signs, which were up everywhere with no apparent explanation. I photographed as many as I could but there were so many! If anyone’s seen them before, PLEASE give me a shout cause I’d love to know who’s behind them (and if I can buy them for myself!)





It was super hot and we were still feeling a litttttle bit fragile, so we treated ourselves to two different hog roast buns to share between Emily and myself. I forget where the ciabatta one was from, but the one taking pride of place in this picture was from Squid and Pig and it was divine: soft brioche, sweet apple puree, delicious pork and the perfect amount of crunchy crackling. PLUS the guys at the stall were super friendly. My mouth is watering just remembering it!


We also treated ourselves to these cool ice cream/lolly things that were made of pure fruit/natural ingredients. It was too hot and melty to photograph them but here’s the bike they were served from. The girls had coconut which looked incredible, and I had mango which was also delicious, with chunks of mango inside it – although as I mentioned, I did accidentally drip it on my brand new white shoes…


Before long the heat got the better of us and we had to retire to a nearby park and then return to the flat, but I’m so glad we ventured out on that hangover Sunday and it definitely made me super jealous of the girls’ supercool new area. Consider the flat officially warmed!



5 thoughts on “Housewarming

  1. Awh this sounds like such a cool weekend! I love the ice cream/lolly bike, if it turns out I need to take a gap year this will definitely be on my list of ideas!xx

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