The Reading List: BLOGS

As summer has approached and I’ve had a (bit) more time on my hands, I’ve been making a real effort to get out there and discover some new blogs – and not only that, but to leave a little bit of love behind. I use bloglovin to read all my blogs and although it is great, it is sometimes a pain to comment using it (especially on my phone) and it’s really easy to forget about commenting altogether and click through to the next post without even thinking. So I figured the next best thing is to share some of my favourite blogs, starting with some new favourites and then some old.

The New

Fizzy Lemon Life

Hannah has very recently set off on her year abroad in the States so naturally I am already an avid follower of her blog. She has a really great down to earth, honest style and I for one can’t wait to see what she gets up to in Ohio this coming year!

Good Girl Gone Brum

I’m a huge fan of a student blog and Emily’s is great. She has some really interesting and unusual student-y features, like her new “Spend or Save” feature where she compares a normal/high street product (like Muller Corners – genius!) with its budget (think Aldi) counterpart. She is also super lovely in general.

Fashion Fumblings

I don’t read many fashion blogs but I love Louisa’s. She’s also just graduated and just started a PR job, and her recent post “Things Most 20 Something Girls Think (I Think)” is BANG ON. She is also absurdly gorgeous and seems like so much fun!

The Old

Life Outside London

To put it briefly, Michelle is GREAT. You know everybody talks about finding your blogging “voice”? Well Michelle has got one of the funniest voices I’ve read in a long time and I always cheer a little bit when I see her pop up on my bloglovin (which luckily for us, is super often!)

Rachel Phipps

I think Rachel’s blog might actually be one of my very favourite blogs ever. She has the most amazing life and opportunities but also seems so lovely and down to earth. Plus she also lived in the US for a year so I totally relate to all the things she misses about living there!

The Cup and Saucer

I actually met Alice at an event way back in October (or something like that) and have loved her blog ever since. Since I’ve been reading she’s moved from Plymouth (I think – somewhere in Devon) to Cardiff and very recently to London so she is one busy girl but she always makes time for the important things (tea, cake, blogging, etc) and I just find her blog so nice and comforting!

So there’s just a little list – I read loads and loads and I love them all but please check my links page if you’re after some more. And please do let me know what’s on your own blog reading list – I’m always always looking for new ones to read and I’m all about sharing the bloggy love!


7 thoughts on “The Reading List: BLOGS

  1. I casually begin reading this post whilst I’m enduring a mind numbing airport wait in hope of finding another gem to read and almost had a heart attack when you included little old me! Thank you so much. Sometimes I feel like I’m writing this just for myself and to know that other people do read and sometimes even enjoy it means a great deal. I comment on pretty much all of your posts so its no secret how much I love your blog, but just in case you hadn’t gathered… I love your blog ;) xo

    1. No problem and thank you! I know exactly how tingly and great it feels when someone says they like what you’ve written and I love sharing that!


  2. Bella you absolute gem! How sweet are you?! Like Hannah, I was just casually checking up on your new post and then I saw my little blog! You have no idea how encouraging your lovely comment is, I will always come back to read it whenever I’m feeling disheartened about my blog haha :) You’re so right as well about sometimes really enjoying blogs but not always remembering to comment/let them know – you’ve inspired me to spread more love!

    Emily x

  3. You are just too sweet, thank you so very much for including little old me! It’s great to spread a bit of bloggy love now and again.
    Your new layout is gorgeous too!
    M x

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