Portugal 2014: the DAYS

So holiday season is officially wrapping up and autumn is on our doorstep. I’ve just returned from the most gorgeous 12 days in Portugal and I’ve got over my post-holiday blues long enough to share some (read: an absurd amount of) pictures with you all!

I’ve mentioned this before, but VDL is probably not the kind of place you go if you want a slice of authentic Portuguese culture. However, it is the kind of place you go if you want guaranteed sunshine, a whole lot of relaxation, and men who bring champagne sangria to your sunlounger. This year, as we have done almost every year since I was 15, we headed out there, and this time we had quite the crew in tow.

It was a holiday devoted to absolute relaxation, so most of our time was spent on the beach or on the roof terrace (which was complete with a gorgeous little plunge pool).










Midway through the week, we headed out to Vilamoura for a dolphin cruise. We started out, though, with breakfast on the marina.





Unfortunately, we saw precisely zero dolphins! It was such a shame as we’ve done dolphin safaris a million times before and always seen loads, but naturally when we had such a crowd of family and friends in tow, there were none to be found. We did get a good couple of hours out on the ocean though and a little trip through some of the caves that line the coast.






Long lazy days on the beach were followed by pre-dinner green beers and cocktails, and those by sunset walks down to dinner and (more) cocktails – but given that I’ve already crammed this post full to bursting, those tales will have to wait for another post!


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