Student Cooking With Currys: Homemade Burgers & Wedges

Okay, so I know I said I would only be giving my uni tips about my course, but if there’s one thing I think I did well at uni, it’s eating. When Shaun from Joe’s Bloggers got in touch with their latest collaboration with Curry’s – a very special student cookbook – I couldn’t resist adding my two cents. I then struggled a bit to find a recipe that wasn’t a carbon copy of a Jamie Oliver special – until I remembered BURGERS!

Homemade burgers used to be an old fallback favourite of ours back in 3rd year. They’re something that sounds really impressive but is actually easy, and you can mix and match what you serve them with to jazz them up a bit. Rolls and salad is an easy choice, or oven chips if you’re so inclined, but I like making sweet potato wedges to go with them so I’ve included a little mini recipe for those, too.


  • Mince (The amount of burgers you want and how many people you’re feeding will obviously determine how much mince but I would say one 500g pack easily makes 4 biggish burgers. If you’re cooking just for yourself, maybe use half the pack for a couple of burgers and the other half for meatballs, chilli, or something else freezable!)
  • 1 egg (If you’re not using the whole pack, ideally you probably want about half an egg but that’s not really practical, so just up the breadcrumbs!)
  • A good handful of breadcrumbs OR 3 Jacob’s crackers (OR supermarket equivalent!)
  • A squirt of BBQ sauce and/or a teaspoon of English mustard


  • If you’re using crackers, pop them into a ziploc back and bash them up with a rolling pin or wooden spoon (therapeutic if essays are getting you down)
  • Break up the mince a bit and put it into a large mixing bowl
  • Crack in the egg, and add your bread/cracker crumbs and your BBQ sauce and/or mustard
  • Now for the messy part…get your hands stuck in there and mix it all up
  • When it all begins to stick together, divide the mixture into burger-shaped rounds and whack them under the grill or on the George Foreman for 10 minutes or so (at about 180 degrees). Keep on eye on them though because cooking times will differ depending on how big your burgers are!





I usually use lean beef mince, but turkey mince would probably work really well too and probably be a little bit healthier! You can play around with toppings, too. I don’t personally eat cheese but that’s an obvious one, or others that I like include roasted red peppers (out of a jar), slices of avocado, crispy bacon, or just simply copious amounts of BBQ sauce and some nice crispy lettuce.

As I said, I also like serving these (and pretty much anything else) with sweet potato wedges, which are really easy to make and really tasty.


  • Sweet potato (1 for each person)
  • Sprinkling of Salt
  • A drizzle of Olive Oil
  • Paprika (if you want – or any other spice)


  • Just give your potatoes a bit of a scrub and chop off any knobbly bits, then cut them into rough wedge shapes
  • Whack them on a baking tray, keeping them fairly separate if possible, and drizzle over olive oil, some salt, and your spice of choice
  • Give it all a shake about
  • Get them in the oven! It obviously depends how thinly you’ve cut your wedges, but they usually take about 20 – 25 minutes at 180 degrees (in my experience)





And now for the easiest part of all: serve up, and enjoy!

If you’re a student or a soon-to-be student, keep your eyes out for the Curry’s Student Cookbook: I’ve seen quite a few entries floating around the blogosphere and they all look fab so there is sure to be a whole lot of inspiration in there!


One thought on “Student Cooking With Currys: Homemade Burgers & Wedges

  1. These look so yummy. I love sweet potato wedges, I think they’re so much nicer than normal potato ones. I’ve never made my own burgers, but this year at uni Im trying to get more into cooking and these don’t look too difficult so will give them a go!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

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