The Bloggers Festival

I am the worst blogger ever! Sorry! I will do a bit of a life update soon but for now, suffice to say that moving to London (sort of – I am still effectively homeless) and starting a new job has taken its toll on my blog-energy. But I’ve popped home-home for the weekend and I’ve found some time to sit down and tell you all about the Blogger’s Festival, which took place last weekend.

I’ve been looking forward to the event for ages, ever since I got my email invite from the lovely Scarlett – not least because it was such a relief to know that I’d finally be in London and able to attend an event way bigger than any I’d been to before! So last Saturday I headed on down to Tottenham Court Road and was promptly whisked up in a lift to the 31st floor, which has the most amazing views over London. It was kind of cloudy and foggy that day which was a bit of a shame but it still looked pretty spectacular!

The room itself was all decked out and full to the brim with bloggers. I’d ended up arriving a bit late so it was definitely a little bit daunting wandering in and trying to get my bearings!


Scarlett had done a fab job getting some really great brands involved and there was TONS to look at.



After seeing Quiz cookies in everyone’s pictures of every blog event ever, I was pleased to finally get my hands on one and can confirm they were delicious!


I particularly loved some of the shoes on show by Ecco (who also very generously put a gorgeous leather pouch in our goody bags). I’ve always known about Ecco but never really looked at them properly but there were so many shoes I could have bought there and then!




I was also introduced by the lovely Marika to Danish brand Minimum clothing, which I had never heard of before, but it is right up my street.


I was also getting plenty of inspiration for winter & party wear…there were sparkles and jumpers all over the shop!





I absolutely loved these super cool bee themed biscuits from Bee Good, who by the way were super friendly and lovely and also gave me some rather delicious vanilla & honey lipbalm which I’ve been loving this week.


This is a really awful photograph but I couldn’t not mention iZ Beauty of London, who did the best nail transfers ever. I didn’t take a picture because the rest of my nails were so chipped and horrible but trust me, the two fingers I had done looked great and one is still going strong while I accidentally peeled off the other one yesterday. The lovely girl manning the stand gave me the rest of the pack and I can’t wait to try them out myself!



Just as I was about to leave, the unmistakable scent of brownie filled the air and I followed my nose to find Sweet Pizzas, who were just bringing out some of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. Brownie, buttercream and a whole host of sweets on top…it was simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve probably ever consumed.


Soon enough I had to dash as I had to make the journey first to Earlsfield and then all the way back to Kentish Town (via hellish Oxford Circus) but it was a really great event and Scarlett did such a good job organising it! I wish I’d been able to get there a bit early and chat to a few more bloggers, but I did finally manage to meet the gorgeous Katie in real life (I spotted her by recognising her boyfriend…creepy much?). We also got given some fabulous goodie bags with some amazing stuff in them which I am hoping to write about some of very soon, so watch this space!


One thought on “The Bloggers Festival

  1. Ahh i am soo jealous!! This event looked amazing, Scarlett emailed me at the last minute but the trains were so expensive,wish i had gone though! I can’t believe how many big brands got on board she did an amazing job! OMG those brownies look heavenly,good enough reason alone to go haha xxx

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