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It has been a while hasn’t it! After starting my job, spending a long and very stressful time being homeless & searching for any and all flats, we finally found a gorgeous apartment in Greenwich. Naturally, once it happened it all happened VERY quickly and we then spent 3 weeks with no internet which doesn’t make for very good blogging habits.

However, after attending last week’s London Photography Walk with giffgaff, Best LDN Walks and Joe’s Bloggers this past Wednesday (post coming soon), my motivation to blog has returned and I’m hoping to be much much better over the next few weeks. I make no promises but we will see!

So. Since we last spoke, I’ve been doing as much exploring and getting out and about as possible, and have consequently been outrageously busy (I’m talking 1 “do nothing” day in the last 2 months). My little sister turned 18; we (quite smugly) celebrated Halloween with the most underappreciated costume of the year; I fell in love with Greenwich Park; drank a fair few PSLs; visited some fab restaurants, including the Rivington Grill in Greenwich, Tredwell’s in Seven Dials and Rabot 1745; saw Wicked as the belated, and best, part of my birthday present from M; found out I passed my Masters (phew); and much much more.

All in all, life is busy busy busy but I am excited to get into the festive spirit (yesterday I introduced Christmas songs to the office playlist, and followed that up with a trip to the Christmas market on Southbank and plenty of mulled wine) and also to start taking my camera out and about again!

As I said, look out for a post about the London Photography Walk very soon, as well as whatever photos I can dredge up from my camera of various other adventures. I’m excited to get back into the blogging world and I have the world’s longest “unread” list on Bloglovin, but first it’s Matthew’s birthday and I have a magical mystery tour of London to co ordinate!


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