The London Photography Walk

Having a London blogging buddy who also happens to be one of my BFFs and an ex housemate of mine is really useful, mostly because it means that that awkward bit at the beginning of an event is totally non-awkward. So I was particularly pleased that Kate had also been invited on the Joe’s Bloggers London Photography Walk.

After work on Wednesday, I hurried over to Waterloo to meet the team and my fellow bloggers. Kate and I were a bit worried at first that we were the only ones there but we were led around a corner to find a whole crowd of bloggers, as well as our lovely hosts for the evening. We were handed out our packed lunches, I reduced myself to begging for a kitkat, and off we went, from Waterloo to Southbank.



Tourguide Charlotte, from Best LDN Walks, did a great job of shepherding us all around (it was a bit like being on a more glam school trip) and pointing out all manner of interesting facts and so on. She was so friendly and funny and made everyone feel really at ease which was nice!

I have to admit that Kate and I spent quite a lot more time catching up than we did taking pictures. I had also forgotten to bring my normal camera so I was relying on just my phone (an ancient 4s), but some of them worked out well!

We made our way along Southbank, which was looking decidedly festive.



…and then we were led into Leake Street tunnel, famous for being one of the only places in the UK where graffiti is “legal.”


Charlotte produced a bag full of spraycans, and we were let loose on the walls! Kate and I got our hands on some silver paint and got to it. After a few false starts we kind of got the hang of it…unfortunately we were completely out of ideas as to what to actually write and so mostly stuck to cool things like our names. More practise needed I think!





After that it was across Westminster Bridge, past good old Big Ben and then along Whitehall. It was really nice actually to see all these touristy bits of London, which I never usually make time to go and see, and since it was just your average Wednesday evening it was also really quiet.


Probably my highlight of the trip was bumping into the Whitehall Paddington. I am on a mission to see all 50 Paddingtons before they disappear and I’m currently on 4…Stephen Fry’s traditionalist Paddington is definitely amongst my favourites! Unfortunately WordPress isn’t letting me upload my Paddington shot, but trust me he is cute.

We finished up the tour in Charing Cross, right in the centre of London, for a group shot before I had to dash for my train. I was a bit dubious about going on the walk seeing as how I hadn’t blogged for ages, but actually it was exactly what I needed: it was a great way to see London in a new light and get a bit of my blogging motivation back! As I said, Charlotte was great and I’d definitely check out more of Best LDN Walks in the future; they have loads of different themes and they are really relaxed and friendly. Big thanks too to the team at giffgaff (see their account of the night here) and of course to Joe’s Bloggers for organising and for inviting me!


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