Bistrot Bruno Loubet, Farringdon

As I mentioned in my last post, last weekend (almost two weekends ago actually) was full of birthday fun, and not just because it was a certain boy’s special day. His was Saturday, and Sunday bought Mummy J’s, and a family visit to boot.

My dad had got in touch earlier in the week to suggest a surprise brunch, and after a bit of a mad scramble to find anywhere with a table for 5, I’d booked us in to Bistrot Bruno Loubet. I met the gang on Sunday morning, and we piled into a (surprisingly quiet) restaurant. Inside it’s very sleek and modern, with an impressive bar that’s probably a lot buzzier in the evening.

First up? A bellini, obviously. I got a bit excited and ordered one before I really thought about it (and then realised I don’t really like peach), but this one was really delicious, with just enough fruit and a nicely high champagne content.

I also tried some of dad’s bloody Mary, which I have always wanted to try. I was not prepared for how spicy it was! Not sure I’ll be ordering one of those on a hangover, but you never know!

Foodwise, I opted for shakshuka. I’ve only ever had our homemade version so I was interested to try it elsewhere! It was good, with a duck egg, and it also had dukkah in it which gave it a nice bit of texture. I asked for toast on the side but it could definitely benefit from some good crusty bread!

Mum went for Eggs Royale, and the other three all went for full Englishes which looked impressive and not greasy at all.

We then headed to Spitalfields, which proved to be a great shout. I bagged myself a first early Christmas present, which I’m not allowed to actually have until Christmas itself – but trust me, I am very excited to unveil it on the blog. We also spied some VERY tasty looking treats, but unfortunately (or luckily…) we were all too full from brunch to indulge. This picture doesn’t convey it at all, but these doughnuts were the size of my face!

A blogpost these days wouldn’t be complete without the requisite Paddington, and this one I stumbled upon outside the Royal Exchange on my way home. In amongst all the drizzle, this rainbow bear was a much needed splash of colour!

Despite the rain it was a successful birthday trip I’d say, and it was so nice to have everyone together in the city – it’s only as I’ve been writing this that I’ve realised I can’t remember the last time the five of us had a day out in London! Soon enough though, Dom had to head back up north to uni and the rest of them back to the Shire, and I set off home to finish off what had been a very celebratory weekend with an evening in front of the TV. Perfect Sunday fare!


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