The Weekend Agenda: God’s Own Junkyard

London is full of fab things that are forever popping up and then popping back down again, and to be honest, my life lately feels a little bit like a constant stream of adding things to my mental bucket list and never really getting the time to do them. This year, though, I’ve decided that’s going to change. #newyearnewme?

God’s Own Junkyard’s Lights of Soho has been on my radar forever, but it was only when I realised that it is shutting on January 18th that I realised I had to make it a priority. I dream of having a house filled with exposed brickwork and neon art (doesn’t everyone) so the thought of a whole exhibition filled me with glee.

Situated in Soho’s seediest heart, Lights of Soho somehow manages to stand out in a midst of peep shows and sex shop neon. The exhibition has been erected as something of a memorial to Chris Bracey, the “Neon Man,” who died in November ’14. Bracey renewed, re-used and recycled in order to bring parts of old LA and vintage London to life and stepping inside Lights of Soho is a bit like stepping into heaven – a brightly lit, neon-kitsch heaven. Safe to say, I was in my element.

The ground floor is a collection of works hung here, there and everywhere, a total chaos of neon and a treasure trove to wander around.

The low-ceilinged cellar downstairs has the more “artsy” pieces, set out individually with information about each piece. I found this Mickey Mouse for Marc Jacobs particularly interesting, in an eery sort of way:

The “infinity coffin” is straight out of Harry Potter and SO clever.

And there are plenty of little side nooks and crannies to peer into:

But my very favourite is this “error” piece, which had rightly attracted the biggest crowd as everyone craned to read the endless lists of everyday mistakes behind the lights. One of the most relatable things I’ve ever seen (which was a relief after we spent the previous Saturday puzzling through the Tate Modern) – it reminded me of Girls in neon art form.

As I mentioned, Lights of Soho closes on the 18th Jan (Sunday) so if you have a chance this weekend, seriously, get down there. It doesn’t take long to get around but it’s such a little pocket of retro greatness that it’s well worth seeing, and it’s easily one of the most Instagrammable spots in London!


12 thoughts on “The Weekend Agenda: God’s Own Junkyard

  1. I love Chris Bracey’s work (and am lucky enough to own a piece). If you loved Soho you have to go to the Junkyard in Walthamstow – such an amazing place!

    1. Oh I am SO jealous that you own one! One day! I am definitely making plans to go to the Junkyard – truth be told I didn’t even realise it existed till I started researching properly so needless to say I was super excited ;)

  2. This looks so cool! I’m not near London but your pictures are great! I’ve wanted to go and see some real neon art ever since Kirsty Allsop featured it on one of her programmes, seeing it being made was so interesting!
    Emily x

  3. Ooh I’ve heard about this! I’m up in the North West though, so trips to London are far and few between. The error piece is definitely my favourite. They’re very simple mistakes but ones we can all relate to. “Spending money at the cinema to see Thor” made me laugh- I’ve not even seen that film but I can think of plenty where I should have kept my money or bought a nail varnish instead haha.

    Hannah x

  4. It’s so good isn’t it! My favourite is one that I don’t think you can see on the picture, but it just says “Definate.” When I was there, there was a couple frowning over it going “Oh, but it’s a shame he spelt definite wrong isn’t it!” – SO clever & subtle haha.


  5. Hello, I’m the artist who did the Error piece (“you’re my favourite mistake”) and I just wanted to say that your review made my day – I have read many lovely comments by visitors who saw this piece and yours is one of the nicest I read. Thank you for your kind words. Rococo Wonderland (insta @rococo_wonderland_neon_art) xxxxx

  6. oh by the way – on the misspelling points…a lot of people didn’t get the deliberate errors – definate being one of them (why else would there just be a single word saying “definite”? haha) but the one very few people realise (and so many comment on to say they found a mistake…hahaha) is the wrong “your” (should be ‘you’re’). Deliberate, but it seems way too subtle for most…which surprised me as the title of the piece includes the correct “you’re”. I nearly didn’t include the wrong “your” (as I am such a stickler for using the correct you’re/your and their/there/they’re) but decided to in the end, though regretted it a little after having to keep explaining it to people who commented I needed a copywriter…the whole piece is about mistakes…Hahahaha!!!

    1. Wow, thank you so much for all your comments and I’m so glad you found this piece (and that you created yours!). I’m also a stickler for good grammar and a huge fan of slightly-nerdy grammar jokes (don’t tell my friends) so definitely appreciated this.

      Thanks so much again for leaving your thoughts, it honestly made my day!


  7. oops I actually got my you’re and your the wrong way around in the above comment – i used “you’re” on the piece rather than “your” (not the other way around as i wrote above)….eeeeek!

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