A New Look

As you have hopefully noticed, I’ve given the blog a dramatic new overhaul.

My life has changed a lot over the past 6 months, and I think probably so have I, and I wanted the old blog to reflect that. I’ve gone for a super minimalist look, which is hopefully going to remind me to focus much more on my content. I’ve always tried not to be super fluffy or super gushy, but I think this more “grown up” look is going to encourage even more grown up content, and I kinda like not having the distraction of all the flashy banners and widgets (my favourite word!) on the sidebar. That said, all that stuff can still be found up top (click the little black box in the top right corner), so don’t worry, you can still keep up with me all the usual ways. I’ve also been working on Instagramming more so a follow or two there would be much appreciated!

I’m going to be making a real effort to put out quality content and quality photos, which should be easier now I have a shiny new iPhone 6 to double team with my camera. Since I finally managed to clear out my bloglovin (250 – 300 unread posts is intimidating to say the least), and actually sit down and read some of my favourite blogs, my inspiration has come rushing back and now that I’m more settled in my job and flat I’m hoping to be able to keep to more of a regular posting schedule.

I’d also like to do some more thoughtful posts. Now that I’m not being forced to write essays every 6 weeks about the intricacies of modernist interior design or other such rubbish, I’ve been…kind of missing it? Now I’m not going to bombard you with my thoughts on said modernist habits or even my true passion, the cultural value placed on American sports stars, but, you know. I’m thinking more writing, less photos, in the occasional post. I’ve got some strong opinions on Ariana Grande and I might want to express them some time, ya know?

ANYWAY, in short: I think blogging is probably changing, and I’m definitely changing with it, or at least this blog is. Let me know what you think and if you become hopelessly bored…I’m sorry! Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. You know what, going minimalist partly to encourage you to focus more on content quality is a really, really good idea. I obsessed over creating all my special widgets and buttons and header and I’ve been looking at it for months just thinking ‘too much, far too much’. But I figured if I strip it back it might look boring. This little post has got me thinking! You really sound like you’re becoming very focused and organised which is great (wish I could say the same for me!) and I would love to see more opinion posts.

    Imogen x

  2. Thanks so much for this lovely comment Imogen! Yeah, I spent a lot of time agonising over how to get snazzy buttons for every single social media and how to make everything look streamlined and in the end I figured it was just easier like this. I have no doubt I’ll be bored in 6 months but for now I can’t stop opening my blog and looking at it, haha! I’m not sure I’ll ever be organised but focused is definitely true ;)


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